Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Just a 'what we've been up to' post

We can't believe the first month of 2014 is nearly gone - as the current purpose of our blog is to document married life, this is what we've been up to this week!

I (Sarah) spent a lovely weekday morning in Starbucks with my best friend Laura. We haven't had a proper catch up in a while, so chatted all about my new job, a likely upcoming proposal from her boyfriend, and her little boy. 
We bought each other lots of presents as we didn't have a proper Christmas meet up, so I went away with a bag of goodies, including these beautiful pink roses. It was a lovely break after a long stretch of long days at work, and whenever we spend time together, even if its been weeks since we saw each other, once we are together - with huge Starbucks cups and lots of loud, over gesticulated chatter, it seems like we've never been apart. 

I also spent a weekday catching up with my other close friend - I much prefer weekdays off work to weekends, everywhere is so much quieter. After an unsuccessful shopping trip, we decided to spend the evening chatting and drinking cocktails. My only complaint is that as always with people who smoke, he wanted to sit outside. Hence my frozen, and then sad frozen, face! :

 Lauren and I went for an Indian after work one night - we spent the whole time chatting, which is was great after not seeing each other much this week. Plus the food was yummy, even if they did give us curly straws in our drinks! We love Indian food and used to cook it a lot when we lived in Leeds, particularly as we were predominantly vegan for a while. Although we live in Birmingham and are obviously surrounded by amazing Indian restaurants, we'd love to get back in to the habit of cooking our own Indian food from scratch.

Laurens iPhone 4s finally died after being dropped too many times, so she now has this new shiny pink iPhone 5c!

We also got a whoooollle Sunday together, so did one of our favourite things and went for breakfast. It was lovely to watch the rain, chat, and have a gorgeous breakfast with lots of coffee.

After breakfast we visited an art gallery in the city centre that we haven't visited for a while. I love the buildings mix of modern, exposed brick, and stained glass windows.

Our favourite was an exhibition of Buddhist themed pieces.

After a lovely (cold!) walk through one of our favourite part of Birmingham (probably as we associate it with our birthdays!) Brindley Place and the canals, we stopped off at Selfridges food hall, and bought some yummy cakes!

The pecan caramel cheesecake is gorgeous! We ate them at home, with all our candles lit, and felt very warm and snuggly.

Apart from some sad news for Lauren's best friend, January has been wonderful - it's been a month of growth, change, and really deciding what makes life good for us, and how we want our married life to evolve. We have shifted various aspects of our lives so that we are happiest with how our lives are spent and who with, and right now, we couldn't be more content. We know we said we would miss our wedding year so much, but so far 2014, you aren't half bad!

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