Sunday, 23 February 2014


Our life at the moment can be summed up with one little word - crazy. But brilliantly crazy! I feel like I should take a big breath and write this blog post as one sentence, devoid of punctuation or space, because that is kind of how life feels right now.

Sarah and I are currently clocking up well over 85 hours a week between us at work, and whilst this may be normal for some couples, it has never been the case for us. Sarah has always tended to work on the higher side of part time hours, and I am the full time career woman who brings in the larger portion of our wages. It works incredibly well for us; I get looked after, Willow gets looked after, Sarah very much enjoys the looking after, and when our little ones come along she will continue to be the looker-after-er and I will continue to be the full time, wage earning, career mummy.

That was until she started in her current role, under a manager who is encouraging Sarah to learn more and take on a higher role. She has not previously moved up the career ladder through lack of ability or talent, merely because for us, and our circumstances, it has worked that she has stayed in a fairly middle paid, middle level job. But her new manager sees potential and capability and so is providing with more and more responsibility, and more hours. Combined with the fact I have a new job, also a step ahead in the career game, and one in which not only am I fairly young to have gotten but I am also, by my own admission, very inexperienced at. So I am pushing myself to work longer and harder to prove my worth.

We are certainly not complaining - in retail you very much have to enjoy the extra hours when they are there, because they are easily taken away again. And I am completely in love with my new job. Homebirth is where my passion has been for a long time, and the service is more popular than any of us anticipated, so the rewards are great and plentiful, if you are willing to put the hours in to get there.

With increased work does of course come an increased income, and so we are very grateful that at present we can enjoy the really great things in life - new clothes, good food, enough money to enjoy our time together really well. Last Sunday I had been out to visit mums and their newborns who needed a visit that day, and came home about midday. Sarah was off, so we decided to head in to town and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and ended up going for Sunday lunch - but of a different kind, as we went to a Mexican restaurant. The food was great and the conversation was plentiful - the great thing about being apart a lot is that when you do get chance to catch up, you have so much to talk about! We wandered round our beautiful city and stopped off to get dessert, which for me always has to be frozen yoghurt!

The future continues to look bright, I can't remember a time we were both this happy! We are off to Marrakech for a few days soon, and then after returning home for a couple of days, will be jetting off again - this time northwards to Iceland, to enjoy our wedding present from my parents. And then in between all of this we need to squeeze in time to see our lovely friends and family, although that is incredibly hard to do at the moment as Sarah's manager will only do one week of rota at a time - meaning you can't plan anything further ahead than a week, crazy.

The only thing about life being this full on, and utterly crazy, is that 9pm has become quite a normal bedtime for us. But that's probably because 5:30 or 6am has become quite a normal getting up time! But then again, who can complain about the chance to get a lot of early nights with an incredibly beautiful woman? Not me!

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  1. Makes my heart happy to read about the genuine joy in your lives right now! Mexican food is THE BEST FOOD. As a Southern California native, it's makes me very happy to see that Mexican food is catching on in the UK ;) I pretty much see a new one every time I visit. Makes me extra happy since I'll probably be making the move over one day, haha xx Tay


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