Monday, 17 February 2014

Our tenth Valentines Day

This years Valentine's Day was not only our first one being married, but our TENTH one as a couple - crazy! As we described in our last post, we really wanted to enjoy celebrating an occasion that's all about love, and make more effort than our usual card giving.
We exchanged gifts and cards before starting work (a little later than usual at 10am) so we got a bit of a lie in.

Presents and cards!

I got Lauren some Dior perfume (after smelling everything in Boots, this one reminded me of Lauren!) and some heart earrings with pearls (her favourite) , and Lauren got me the new Jo Malone candle. I am obsessed with candles and have wanted a Jo Malone one for years! This one smells like Almond Macaroons, it's lovely.

After breakfast in bed, it was time to go work. I chatted to a soldier at work who was buying a gift for his girlfriend - she thought he was arriving home from serving overseas the next day, and he was surprising her by arriving on Valentine's Day. So sweet! Our days both went really fast, as we had a date to look forward to!

Luckily this beautiful lady did!

Willow does not want to be my Valentine
We visited a beautiful, quirky restaurant in Birmingham city centre, although we were a little late thanks to the city centres famously horrendous traffic that we always seem to forget to take into consideration!
Luckily the staff didn't mind - they were so friendly and helpful despite it being Valentines night and the restaurant being full. The restaurant itself was beautiful, and we were glad to be seated in a window seat with lots of room. It was a great opportunity for lots of chatting, a bit of pink wine, and some completely amazing food. We only took one photo as we were far too busy enjoying ourselves!

As we mentioned in the previous post, Valentine's Day is often dismissed as just an over commercial holiday, but it's so much fun to get into the spirit. We felt completely comfortable holding hands amongst the restaurant full of couples, maybe this is society moving on as well as us being older and comfortable within ourselves? Instead of it being commercial or tacky it was actually really sweet seeing all the other couples in love- everyone looked so happy!

On Sunday we had a whole day off together, and were glad to finally see some sunshine! After Lauren had visited a lady not far away from us for a postnatal check up, we headed out for lunch. We kept the Valentines theme going with my bright pink shirt and Lauren's top!

We went for gorgeous Mexican food, and a couple of cocktails - we had such a great time!

Afterwards we went to get something sweet - Lauren chose frozen yoghurt, (all these yummy toppings and the crazy woman chose fruit) and I had Starbuck's valentines triple hot chocolate as it was the last day its available and I love them!

We got home very happy from a wonderful day out, and not forgetting about Willow, took her on a nice walk.

It's very apt that our tenth valentines day was our favourite so far! We had so much fun getting into the Valentines spirit, and will definitely be doing the same next year

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