Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Baby Brain

I remember when we were wedding planning and how sometimes the wedding was all we could think about; we would quite happily spend every moment planning or talking about the big day. And then sometimes it would take a bit of a back seat. We can well see that baby planning could possibly present itself in this way too, and at the moment we definitely think and talk about baby planning a lot. All the time.

So, in an attempt to be level headed, we have tried to think about how a baby will change our lives, and what we should think about in terms of our expectations for mummyhood. We have been told by numerous friends who are parents (we seem to be in an ever decreasing minority of non-parents amongst our friends) to enjoy every moment of being child free. And we are - since our wedding day we have been on five holidays abroad (with another planned for July), and enjoyed shopping trips, meals out and improving our home.

However, I find myself increasingly noticing how some things we do would be great as a family, it's almost as though we have reached a tipping point - the things we enjoy doing and the way we live our lives would now only be enhanced by a new little addition. For example, our street faces a tree lined pathway that means we could easily forget we're on a housing estate in Birmingham, and we love walking Willow, or just sitting on our front step whilst she runs around. When we moved here we had in mind how lovely the front of our house will be for children to play in. We walk and hold hands and enjoy the beauty around us, and talk about what it'd be like to have a little hand to hold, or a tiny person strapped to our chest, and it makes us so excited to share our lives with someone who could love the world around us as much as we do.

We love going out for meals, but as well as romantic dinner dates (hopefully these will continue, albeit much less frequently, as our babysitters family and friends live close by!) we also love breakfast/brunch/lunch dates, often followed by a trip to a museum / art gallery etc. A couple of weekends ago we walked along the canals, visited the library and then went for brunch at a veggie friendly cafe that serves breakfast in frying pans. At the time we were too busy enjoying the day together (and the sunshine!), but afterwards, I thought a lot about what a great day it would have been for children too.


Last weekend we spent the day in Bromley with our friends Laura and Laura, and their gorgeous twin girls. With our work schedules we don't get to see them nearly as much as we'd like to so it was great to spend some time with them. As well as it being an enjoyable, relaxing day, as we find Laura and Laura so easy to chat to, it was good for us to see someone using parenting styles we plan on using ourselves, and them obviously working so well. As someone whose own mum can't understand my utter horror at my cousin's baby being able to ask for Mcdonalds chips before she is two years old, it was good to see some of our own preferences validated! The children are beautiful, very happy and fairly chilled out little ones, who are secure in themselves and in the love their parents evidently have for them. Being able to talk a lot about parenting, our ideas and ideals, anything from the type of birth we dream about, to the pros and cons of cloth nappies, to getting their twins to eat so well seemingly effortlessly, it was great to see that the way we imagine ourselves to parent is (hopefully) successful, and that we will have others to talk through the ups and downs of the parenting journey.

The reason for all of the thought, discussion and even the odd tear at One Born Every Minute is perhaps down to the reason that...we have started our baby making journey.

As with all the great things in life, these things take time. A lot more time than we accounted for, as it happens. But we have been referred by the GP to the fertility centre, and this week our appointment finally came through, for the middle of May. It seems ages away, but we are very strong believers in things happening for a reason, and feel very strongly that it is meant to be this way. We will wait however long it takes for our little one (ones?) to be in our arms, because evidently, they are already in our hearts.


  1. I'm so excited for you guys. Wishing you lots of luck on your parenting journey!

    1. Thankyou so much Ashton. It's hard being so excited and having to wait at the same time! S xx


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