Monday, 31 March 2014

The age I've always been.

It's fair to say that in my head I've always been older than my actual age. Whilst I have always been very happy with this, and very comfortable with who I am, it has meant that at times my social life has taken a hitting as I just haven't wanted to do what others my age have. It has meant that quite often I haven't felt that I can really get along with others my age because what I want out of life, and what they want, are just so different.

Whilst others my age have wanted to spend their nights off hitting the town, drinking until they don't know what's happening and then spending all of the the next day in bed recovering, I have rarely drank alcohol my whole life. I just don't see the point. I enjoy the odd glass of wine with my wife, usually as an accompaniment to some really nice food, but it never goes anywhere further than that. I don't like the feeling of being drunk, I don't like drunk people, and I don't like not being able to drive myself home. So most of my adult life has been spent dodging invitations to birthday parties, nights out on the town, work socials, christmas parties etc etc. Not because I don't like to socialise, but because I don't drink, and when you are in your teens and 20s, people just can't understand that.

I have always lived the life of someone who works really hard to achieve what she wants in life. I passed my driving test aged 17 and got my first car aged 18. I went to University and set my goals on passing with a first degree in midwifery, and I got one, aged 21. I got my first qualified midwife job at the same age and was thrust in to the world of being responsible for the lives of a Mum and baby, but that never really fazed me; I had already set my sights on going up the career ladder. I started my Masters degree (although I'm not quite finished) aged 24. And then I got a Band 7 job aged 27. Although I haven't finished here I am very happy to stay here for a long while, maybe 10 years, whilst I gain experience, finish my Masters, and continue this ever ongoing learning process of how to be a midwife. And then I'll apply for a Consultant Midwife job, when one comes along.

And as far as relationships are concerned I have watched my friends go in and out of relationships, falling in love, falling out of love, thinking that their latest beau or madam was THE ONE and all the time being with my one and only, the one who would eventually become my wife. Whilst it took us until being together for nine years to finally tie the knot, Sarah was my wife long before a piece of paper told us so. My head was filled of dreams of us living together, getting married and having babies from the day I met her.

Tomorrow (yes, April Fools Day!) I turn 28.  I feel like my head and reality have finally caught up with each other! My favourite way to spend a day has always been with my wife, going out for breakfast, and then on to a museum, art gallery or shopping. My favourite way to spend an evening is to go out for dinner with her, or spend the night in together, just me and her (and now Willow too!), watching films, cooking dinner, just being together, just me and her. And my ideal job has been to be a Band 7, it challenges me daily, I find it difficult and I love that. But I absolutely love the job and all it brings, too. And now my friends are starting to settle down, get married, have babies, and choose nights in over nights out, meeting up for coffee and not a night on the town. And this is the age I feel like I have always been!

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