Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Chocolate and Lunar Goddess Day

Spring is probably the best season, in our opinion,(although we love summer too. And autumn. Oh and winter!) and when it rolls around again each year it is always very welcome! I (S) really hate the dark, rainy, non-event-filled start of the year, so a time when the sun starts to shine, the days get longer, and everything seems a bit cheerier is something to make me smile! Lauren really loves pink cherry blossoms - we have four cherry blossom trees in our street, and the street leading to Laurens office is lined with them - so pretty. They just make the world a much more beautiful place, and who can say no to added pink! We have started to make a concerted effort to put brightly coloured blooms around our home, they add a dash of happiness wherever you look, there is nothing quite like fresh flowers in your home!

It's rare we get things like Easter off work, we have always accepted it is just a part of what we do. But this year I was given Saturday - Monday off work, and Lauren only had to be 'on call' over the weekend (and apart from a couple of hours yesterday morning, managed to spend most of it at home!). On Saturday we spent the day at a local park and nature reserve enjoying the sunshine with Willow. We didn't see anyone else whilst we were there, and had a really lovely time. We often walk Willow off the lead as she is generally well behaved and doesn't stray too far! We both enjoyed the outdoor space, and the chance to spend a while just chatting to each other and enjoy the lovely surroundings. Even if Willow had rather dusty paws by the time we got back to the car!

After lots of walking, it was only right that we stopped off to get cupcakes to enjoy at home with a film. The creme egg one was our favourite!

Easter Sunday started with a lot of chocolate (well you wouldn't expect anything else from us really!)

I have seen a lot of things online about non Christians forgetting that Easter is a Christian celebration celebrating the rebirth of Jesus, and should either remember the true meaning of Easter, or not celebrate it at all. As we are not Christian (or any set religion) we decided to look into this, as we believe holidays are best interpreted by the individual, and what it means to them personally.

In actual fact Easter is from Pagan origins, with both Easter and spring celebrated as a time of rebirth and fertility. The name “Easter” was likely derived from Eostre, the name of the Anglo-Saxon lunar goddess, also the name for the female hormone estrogen. Eostre’s feast day was held on the first full moon following the vernal equinox - rather than being on a set date, the date of Easter is governed by phases of the moon. Bunnies derive from the Pagan festival Eostre, whose goddess was symbolised by a rabbit or hare, and hot cross buns are thought to have come from times around The Old Testament, where clergymen tried to prevent cakes being baked at Easter. Blessing the cakes was the defiant pagan women's way around this! The egg was used as a symbol of new life.
Paganism, lunar goddesses and fertility celebrations? Sounds like we are justified in celebrating Easter after all!

After more chocolate than is healthy for two people in one day, we went to an event we had booked tickets for, involving a bit more food (who'd have guessed it!), and film. For £40 a person you get a really good meal followed by a film screening. We rarely go the cinema - unless there's a new Tim Burton, Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean, it really is a rare occurrence. It doesn't help that we rarely like many modern films - we thought Bridesmaids was possibly the worst film ever made!
The evening started with a meal at the french restaurant we went to on Valentines Day. The portions are fairly small, but the food is delicious!

 After our starter and main, we were escorted up to the cinema not too far away, and handed a cocktail and a slate of chocolate goodies to enjoy whilst watching the film, Chocolat. We had booked a sofa seat, and it was lovely to settle down on our sofa together, with our goodies, and watch a great film. Chocolate and Chocolat = perfect evening! It was our best Easter ever and one of our favourite ever dates. They mentioned they might offer more pairings like these, and one things for sure, we will be there!

Happy Easter!


  1. I love knowing about Easter's pagan origin. Makes me feel so much better about celebrating with chocolate!

  2. Well you girls taught me something I always wondered but always forgot to google.. Where the bunnies & eggs came into Easter. Thank you ;)

    Sounds like you both had a lovely Easter too.



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