Sunday, 25 May 2014


May has been pretty crazy. And it's only half done! We have a list of people, longer than usual, that we want to get around to seeing, but don't know where the time goes. However, time is something that will hopefully be getting a lot easier to manage soon due to me having a new job offer!

I enjoy my job. It's in a very desirable place, with nice colleagues, and isn't stressful at all. It is however very boring, and as I am still on a temporary contract that keeps being extended, with the amount of hours between 15-35 a week, it's not very stable. I never know what I'm doing more than 6 days in advance, which when our friends have children, and/or jobs themselves, makes things difficult. I am lucky that I didn't have to decide whether to look for something more reliable as I have been approached and offered a permanent job, with the same company at a better location in Birmingham city centre, with good set hours. I also have my own little department to look after, so hopefully no more boredom! I am nervous for another new start, but looking forward to a bit of stability hopefully!
But apart from work stuff, May has so far been wonderful. These are just some memories I wanted to note down :)

After our IVF appointment we went to our favourite Starbucks, which has been our favourite place to sit and chat since we went there on our 2nd date. It was good to sit down together and read through all our paperwork. A barista we seem to see there a lot asked 'anything interesting to tell me today girls?' so we told him about the appointment we had just been to! Although our IVF is not a secret as such, we have only told our parents and best friends about it in depth, so having someone who we know of, but don't 'know', was a good way to let some excitement out! He laughed that ours was the most interesting news he'd get all day, and wished us lots of luck. I wish we could bottle up the excitement of that morning. We made a promise to each other, there and then, to always strive to enjoy every single part of this crazy journey we are on. It won't always be easy, but it's still a part of the journey, and we want to cherish that.

Lauren's team had a stall at this year's Baby Show at the NEC, similar to a wedding fair, but for all things baby related! As manager it was Lauren's job to set up the stall before the show, and I thought it would be a fun way to spend my day off (it must be love!). Our first port of call was Lauren's office, where she answered a few emails and calls before we collected the posters and flyer's we needed. It's such an amazing feeling of pride watching Lauren leading a team so professionally and efficiently, after watching her develop all through university and then through her career. To say she never really wanted to be a manager, she is proving her worth as one very quickly indeed.

It took us hours, and lots of trips to and from the hospital, to complete the stand, but it was worth it! When we were finished, most of the other stalls were completed and their staff had gone home, so we walked around the whole baby show looking at stalls, with hardly anyone else there! We had so much fun looking at slings, patterned cloth nappies and bright coloured baby clothes! It was so cute to look and talk about what it'll be like to be shopping for a new addition for real. The day finished with a beautiful sunset on our drive home. As it was after our first IVF appointment, we had a very baby themed day. I don't think the beaming smiles left our faces all day!

Only 33 days left until we jet off on our once in a lifetime trip, our roadtrip down the USA's west coast. Which gives good excuses for one of our favourite things - shopping! Selfridge's have recently opened a brand new beauty hall, and we spent quite a while in there, stopping first to admire the new statue of Mr Selfridge - made from jelly beans of course! The beauty hall looks amazing, as beauty product fanatics we loved how each brand had it's own themed area.

Lauren has had a bit more time for baking - hurray! She made her amazing red velvet cake and has promised cupcakes soon. Yum. 

 We had delicious summery salads at our favourite coffee shop which serves the best coffee ever, but then decided to cheat and grab a Starbucks coconut mocha too!

And of course, how could we forget, the sun came out! We have worked hard to make our garden really pretty so we have enjoyed spending time out there,  and have also put lots of flowers inside in preparation for when the sun goes in! (Well, it is England!). While it lasts, we are really enjoying visiting our favourite outdoor places in Birmingham.

Willow enjoying the front garden
Pretty flowers in the back garden
Pink & orange lights and flowers in the back garden

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