Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Glorious Food!

This week has been about little else but one of our favourite things - food! Despite going on holiday next week, diets aren't exactly ever high on our priority list - although we ate fairly healthily before our wedding, we didn't diet then so it was never going to happen for this holiday!
So with that decided, we decided to visit the BBC Good Food Show, held at the NEC in Birmingham. It was amazing! Like a huge indoor farmers market, we had fun browsing all the stalls, and spotting celebrity chefs. We made a few purchases - flavoured meringues, amazing peanut butter fudge, olives, coconut water, whiskey and orange flavoured cheese, giant apple and caramel cupcakes, and lots of veggie products (veggie southern fried chicken? Yes!)

We also signed up to receive something Lauren has always dreamed of (she's easily pleased) - Abel & Cole fruit and veg boxes. Every week you get a selection of organic fruit and veg delivered - it's actually a good way of eating more healthily, as you get a variety of items instead of getting bored of the same old things. We also got a free cookbook with suggestions of what to cook with different items, which is fantastic as we'd never have thought of pretty much most of the suggestions. Apple bread, summer muffin loaf, Moroccan soups, melon & halloumi salad - yum! Our only problem is we didn't realise just how big the boxes were - this week we also ordered fruit and veg in our ocado shop, so we definitely know to buy less in future, and would recommend to anyone ordering fruit & veg boxes to check the size first! We expected a little bag of broccoli and got three huge bunches!

Our next food filled event coincided with my mom's birthday weekend. We met up with her in Birmingham city centre and headed to a hotel for afternoon tea. We visited at Christmas for afternoon tea and it became one of our favourite places in Birmingham - we thought it would be perfect for my moms birthday!

We had lots of fun looking at white stretch limos and Rolls Royce's outside the hotel, then headed inside where we were seated in a beautiful peaceful lounge area. We had a perfect afternoon relaxing on the sofas, chatting, and laughing a lot! We all agreed we didn't feel like we were in Birmingham!
We were also lucky enough to be there whilst a live singer was playing - who turned out to be the same singer who had sang at our hen party last year in the champagne bar of another hotel in the city centre! I stopped to chat to her and told her how talented she is - we could listen to her all day.

The most important part - the food! We all had lots of sandwiches, bread and dips, scones with jam and clotted cream, lots of tea, and these very pretty summery desserts. I think we all could have stayed a few more hours if they had bought out another tier of food!

We then headed home and had a lovely catch up with a takeaway and a bottle of wine. My mom works lots, and has a house of men (my dad and brother) to look after, so we like to treat her! We always make sure the house looks pretty whenever she comes to stay too. This time with a vase of roses and huuuge peonies! (Hand for comparison :p )

The next day we went to the local carvery for Sunday lunch, then headed to Cheltenham for a bit of shopping. We also took my mom to Whole Foods as she had never been before - she loved it, and could see why we easily spend so much money whenever we visit!
Finally we drove her back home and spent some time with my lovely dad as it was Fathers Day, and got lots of fuss from their dogs!
My best friend L also got engaged on Sunday, with her boyfriend popping out of the room while they were watching TV, and returning holding a ring, hand in hand with L's three year old son. It sounded so natural, genuine and heartfelt - their proposal came with no tacky props, staged video, or expensive additions, it's one of those that is wonderful without the need for any of that.

So after a very fun (and food) filled loong weekend, we are back to work! I am enjoying my job at Selfridges and am really glad I transferred from my previous job, even if I do have lots of shopping temptation every time I enter the building!

That said, our days out have provided a welcome break from work - which is very hard to concentrate on when we are planning our fast approaching holiday, and how we are going to make our first baby!

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