Thursday, 2 October 2014

A decade of you

Our posts at the moment seem to be written about the love we have for each other, our journey to this point, and a whole lot of emotion. But as we celebrate ten years together and now, my beautiful wife's 30th birthday, I really think we are allowed! We met as two teenage girls, and together we learnt how to navigate the world, with all it's crazy emotions, ups and downs, rights and wrongs. And ten years later we have just celebrated our ten year anniversary, and today we celebrate my beautiful Sarah entering a whole new decade. Sarah, I love you more than you will ever be able to know... happy birthday, beautiful.

Dear Sarah,

As we celebrate your 30th birthday I just want to remind you of exactly why I love you. You are an amazing person. Really, truly amazing. I am so very lucky to know you, and even more so to be married to you, and to be able to love you with all that I am, every single day.

I met you as a young, immature, silly 19 year old. Your favourite thing in the world was going to the pub with your enormous bunch of friends (I never quite learnt all of their names, they would flit in and out of your life like leaves in an autumn wind!), you were quite the little social butterfly. You had no responsibilities and your outlook on life was one of having the absolute most fun in everything you did. You always had a smile on your face, and spoke passionately and joyfully about the things that were important to you…namely, animal activism, music, the world around you, and your friends. Work didn't mean anything to you, you did it because you had to, not because you wanted to. You were a joy to be around from the very first second I met you.

Little did I know that your smile hid a multitude of worries. You have never quite understood that you are SO wonderful, erring more towards the lower end of self-esteem. But you not realising quite how beautiful you really are is one of the things I have always loved most about you. You are so, so beautiful, inside and out, you are the most beautiful thing I ever set my eyes on. But you don't see it, and I love that about you. Your shyness and modesty is so beautiful, don't ever lose it.

For your first birthday that we were together we celebrated with a pizza and a night in Birmingham's biggest gay club. We drank and danced and kissed the night away, and it was perfect. Ten years later I don't think we could think of much worse, but we have grown and learnt and changed together, and it has made us stronger as each year has passed. This year we are more likely to eat really expensive food and drink really expensive champagne, and stay in a gorgeous hotel. But the sheer amount of happiness, fun and laughter we have in each others company has never waned, only our choice of venue has changed!

Living apart from you, while I was at university, was so difficult, but we made it work because through our naivety and youth we saw something so very special that we knew we had to hang on to. So as I worked hard for my degree and you worked hard at the numerous jobs you managed to acquire, we spent our weekends in each others arms and beds, and loved every second of it. I never really thought about the future, because the future never mattered, all I knew was that you had to be in it, you exquisite, beautiful, intriguing, imaginative woman.

And then I qualified, got my first job, and we saved and saved and saved to buy our first house. Through this I saw a new side to you…determined, focused and strong, you saw us through the very difficult period that buying your first house brings. You never faltered in your desire to make a perfect home for us, and when I look around today it is because of your imagination and determination that we live in this really really beautiful place. And then came along Willow, a year later, our beautiful little puppy who has brought us nothing but happiness (and poo, but we won't mention that today…) and I got a glimpse of you as a mother. A calm, gentle, patient, kind and loving mother, who gives it your all. It is because of Willow that I cannot wait to have children with you. You will be their very favourite person in the whole world and I cannot wait to watch them love you, and for you to love them with your all.

It was my proudest moment, the moment I married you. In that moment, I was on top of the world. It cemented us; we had spent years laying the most solid foundations of love, trust and respect, and we got to show that, to all of our family and friends. That moment that I saw you on our wedding day, coming down the aisle towards me, I'll never forget it, never. I never realised you could love someone so very much. And I cannot believe how I can still find more love for you, each and every say that passes.

As I look back over the past decade of you, I cannot believe the woman you have become. Your group of friends are now a small group who you know inside out, who trust you with their secrets.You are my very best friend, if something great happens I cannot wait to tell you, and when I am upset there is no-one else in the world I want to be with. Your smile, your laughter, your hugs when I'm sad, the way you tell me everything will all be ok, even when I feel that the world is falling down around me (even when I'm being dramatic!), you never cease to amaze me in your ability to make the happiest of moments even more incredible and the worst of times feel like everything will be ok again. Work still doesn't matter to you, although you now have a good job that you work hard at, you still go because you have to, and then come home, to our beautiful home, and are the most incredible wife to me, and mother to our beautiful Willow. You found your purpose, we found where we both belong, and I love that. I cannot wait to fill our home with more little people, and then your focus will shift again, and you will give everything to being their Mommy, allowing me to follow my dreams in midwifery, knowing our babies will be with the most amazing person in the whole world.

Happy 30th birthday my incredible Sarah. I hope what I have planned for us this weekend goes some way to reflecting the sheer magnitude of love and respect I have for you. You are quite simply the most amazing woman I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Thank you for ten incredible years, I am so very excited for dozens of decades more.

Lauren xxxxxx

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