Wednesday, 22 October 2014


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” 

― John Muir

Last weekend, we had our first experience of camping! (Well, glamping, it is October after all!). We spent the weekend in a yurt in the Black Mountains in Wales.
We had been bought the trip as a thank you gift from a lady (we'll call her B) who had been looked after by Lauren throughout her pregnancy and birth - such an amazing thank you. 
We arrived at the farm where the owners of the yurt lived,  to be greeted by them, and by B, her husband, and of course their new baby girl whom Lauren had delivered! It was wonderful to hear first hand of what a difference Lauren had made to someones life via the care she had given. B could not speak of her labour without getting happily tearful at what a magical experience it was. 
We enjoyed a cup of tea with B and her family, and the owners of the yurt, who lived in a barn on the farm, powered by electricity they made themselves from a turbine in the river. Willow was thrilled to play with their many dogs, and I made a friend in the form of a beautiful puppy, who if she had been a little smaller would have been coming home with me!

It was then time for us to explore our new home for the weekend! The yurt was set into the Black Mountains - we literally were the only form of building for as far as the eye could see. Just us, the mountains, the river and the trees. It was beautiful. 

And how sweet is the yurt? It had no electricity or running water, but a kitchen area with a stove powered by a gas cylinder, a central wood burner, a double bed, bunk bed with hammock, and a dining area. There was also a separate hut containing a bathroom, including a vintage bathtub surrounded by solar fairy lights, with a view of the mountains.

Willow checking out the cute pup in the mirror

We spent our time reading, cooking together then eating by candlelight, making smores over the fire, and going for beautiful walks with Willow.
No men needed to chop our firewood!

Willow enjoying the hammock
 We quickly got used to lighting fires, lighting the room by candlelight, and being the only people around! We always seem to have such peaceful holidays whenever we are in Wales, and this was the biggest proof of that. My wife, my pup, and nothing but autumn trees - perfect.


  1. Sounds beautiful! What a lovely present x

  2. It was gorgeous Susie, we were a bit dubious at first but it was a fantastic experience, we loved every minute!
    S xx


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