Monday, 24 November 2014

2014, where are you going?!

Eeeep Christmas is on it's way! As I work in retail, Christmas starts being mentioned around July, but once it's about mid November, it's finally justified. I love all the glitter and lights that surround me at work at this time of year, and Lauren took some beautiful pics of where I work when she came to meet me for lunch one day. Even they don't do it justice!

We have been making the most of the festive season hitting our much loved Starbucks, Lauren loves the new almond and honey hot chocolate (mmm melted toblerone!) whilst I will rarely venture further than my favourite, gingerbread soy latte. One of our favourite ways to wile away a couple of hours is to sip coffee over conversation. We really are each other's best friends, and its amazing how time flies when you have a hot drink and cake to go with it!

On the 8th November we went into the city centre for an annual tradition - meeting family for the Christmas lights switch on and parade. There is no celebrity, and it's aimed at children, but we love it!
We laugh at how the budget seems to be cut each year - oh Birmingham, you're lucky as born and bred Brummies we are loyal to you! 
After the parade we walked up to one of our favourite places, Victoria Square, for carousel rides and gingerbread lattes. As has happened twice before after we've been to the parade, the Coca Cola 'Holidays Are Coming' advert was on TV when we get home! A sure sign that indeed, Christmas is a coming!

Non-Christmas related, things have been crazy lately. We have fulfilled our new years resolution to see friends and family more (as they all live close by) to an extreme, rarely having a moment to ourselves! We go to my parent's for takeaways, Lauren's parents for Sunday dinners or to the local Carvery with my family, Lauren has seen her best friend H multiple times a week to help out as she is not only heavily pregnant but approaching the first anniversary of her father's death, plus lots of coffees and lunches with other friends, and I have spent lots of time with my best friends too. 

As revealed in our previous three posts, we took a break from IVF to take things into our own hands and tried home insemination, resulting in one failed cycle, and  a short lived pregnancy which unfortunately failed after a week. We are now happy to return to IVF, realising it is the easiest, most reliable option. However over Christmas we are having a break from baby brain, and will decide in January when we want to start the IVF process, as we are now top of the waiting list. 

So, speaking of which, it's only a few weeks to go! It seems bizarre that in a few days time, not weeks, we will be putting our Christmas tree up! (Well, treeS, as for the past 8yrs we've had a second tree in our bedroom - it's the tree we had when we first moved in together and we can't bear to throw it away! Plus it's always been so lovely to wake up to Christmas...we even sneak a few pressies under that tree too.) 

This weekend it seemed Christmas festivities cranked up a notch, we went for Christmassy Starbucks with my mom, and walked kind of past and around the german market, so we felt festive but didn't get crushed by the crowds! We then got home and all watched Elf! Oh and Lauren found this amazing hat. Stunning.

So as we enter the last week of November, and wonder where on earth 2014 has gone, we are happily counting down the days to Christmas. It really is the most magical time of year. We have something Christmassy planned each week from now, sometimes a couple of times a week, which only adds to the fun. So today we spent the day in Stratford upon Avon, famed for being Shakespeare's birthplace and only an hour from our home, Stratford is a very cute, quaint little British city, full of history, and a perfect place to wander around the cute Christmas shops, and buy a few decorations in this FREEZING cold weather that seems to have hit our country.


Although we have a admittedly non strict'no trees up until December rule' (otherwise our trees may be up mid-November!), our house has begun to be filled by the Christmas scents that we have every year, and we really associate with this time of year. It's wonderful to come home and smell cloves and oranges and cinnamon, it makes us want to do nothing more than snuggle up, drink hot chocolate and watch christmas films on TV. 

So, 30 days to Christmas and 37 days until 2015 hits. It is craziness! 2014 has so far proved to be rather wonderful, so let's hope the rest of the year continues in this vain. I can't help but wonder if we will be looking forward to Christmas with a wriggly baby in my wife's belly next year. Here's hoping!

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