Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hello December

It's December already! We have just about started our Christmas shopping, after the worrying realisation we had currently only bought things for Willow!

We spent the last weekend in November decorating our kitchen (as in painting it, not Christmas decorating!) whilst listening to Christmas music on the Saturday, and making the house look festive on the Sunday. We love doing a post to remember how the house looked each Christmas, so here are the pics!

Adding the star and making a wish

New decorations


Fireplace with added Christmas!

Tree and fireplace looking festive

Dining table and chairs

Hall and bathroom! 
We also decorate our bedroom! We have had a 'bedroom tree' for 8yrs, and as we couldn't bear to throw it away being it's from the first house we lived in together, we still put it up every year, with the original decorations too. As we were 21/22 when we bought it, its not quite as grown up looking as the main tree! (The lights are on the bed all year round :)  )

Christmassy kitchen

And of course, Willow opening her advent calendar!

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