Thursday, 1 January 2015

A blank canvas!

I don't think I have been this excited for a brand new year ever in my life. Traditionally New Year's Day is a bit of a non-day…most people are at home recovering from late nights and too much alcohol, and we just spend the day together at home with Willow. This year is no different, but for some reason I feel really excited today!

2014 was amazing, and we really did enjoy the year as we had planned to - being newlyweds, enjoying our last bit of time together before our family grows, seeing the world and exploring the world around us, just the two of us. We had the year planned long before we entered it, and it was absolutely what we had planned it would be, and more.

2015… by contrast... we enter the year today with not a single plan. None. And perhaps that is why I feel so excited by it. 2015 is a completely blank canvas, and I feel so excited thinking about the story we are going to write over the next 365 days.

There are things that we would like to achieve…

…to continue to live our lives with as much love as humanly possible. Love makes our world go round, and we want to continue to have as much, and probably more, for each other and those important people around us. Since we got married we have spent much more quality time with our family, and saw friends a lot, both together and individually, we definitely want this to continue...

….we want to do good. I have started, when buying our food shopping, to make sure we always buy a few extra tins to put in the food shelter bins. I have contacted a few charities to offer my skills learnt as a midwife, as a volunteer for vulnerable families, whether this is helping pregnant asylum seekers, women fleeing domestic violence or families who find themselves homeless. I would love to fulfil something on my bucket list and spend this Christmas volunteering for a homeless shelter. We want to give as much as we can to those who need it….

...we want to be more organised. Last year was so busy, with us seeing 4 different countries and lots of new places in our own, as well as big anniversaries and birthdays. As fun as the busy, mad times were, this year we want things to be easier, calmer, and organised better!...

….we really really want to start our family. We are all ready to start as soon as we feel ready, so we just need to look at the calendar and work out when we want to go for it, as I have a funny desire to be pregnant over Christmas (!!) and we would love a spring / early summer baby….

…I'd love to visit at least one brand new place. Abroad or close to home, I really don't mind. But exploring this gorgeous world with my gorgeous wife is probably my most favourite thing to do ever, so I hope we travel to at least one new place this year...

But aside from those things, all of which have no expiry date or need to be done by month, we have a completely blank canvas in front of us, and it's all just so exciting! 52 wonderful weeks, 365 perfectly blank days, to fill how we want and with whatever we want!

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