Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What's the plan?

What's the plan? I can usually answer that. In detail. Extremely far in advance. With the help of a list or three!

So it's kind of refreshing, in a mildly terrifying and uncomfortable kind of way, that this month, I can't. 
We have been planning no further ahead than a week - this week we have seen our parents, been for a family Sunday lunch get together, and seen five of our friends, never making set plans, just popping around each others houses for tea and enjoying the comfortable, lovely atmosphere from friends you've known for years. This month we have often woken up without a single plan…nowhere planned to go, no-one planned to see, and we have just let the day pan out as the universe intends for it to.

For as long as I can remember we've had Big Plans. To save for a house. To get a dog.To save for engagement rings. To plan our wedding and honeymoon. To plan our anniversary road trip to America. To plan holidays. Plus there's all the little plans, such as where we fancy going out for dinner when we have time, what we'll do for our birthdays, and how the next couple of weekends are looking.

We have no 'dates' planned currently, which is odd for us. We keep saying we should go to Nandos as one of our relatives now manages a local branch - but not even the draw of free food can make us make plans it would seem! We just keep not getting round to it, and all of a sudden another week has gone by. Plus we usually have a few dates planned for upcoming weeks; dinner arrangements, cinema trips and the like.

I think many people gain a lot of structure from their jobs, and this is probably what's causing our lack of organisation lately.  Lauren made the decision to leave her current job a few weeks ago, and applied for about ten new jobs. She unexpectedly (in her eyes… I am very aware how in demand she is in her work!) got interviews for all of them - one is what she's doing now but in Solihull, three are similar and in various locations across the UK, and one is completely different and would see her leave the public sector behind altogether. She has been offered a job from one potential employer, but still has the rest of the interviews to attend, and so wants to hold off any decisions until she has been interviewed and gets more of a personal understanding of what she really wants to do next.

I have also been offered a new job! It's with the company I am currently working for, but in Birmingham's new centre, Grand Central. I currently work in the Selfridges and Solihull branches of my company, so need to decide whether to move to this new location (which hasn't even been built yet) later in the year or stay in my current role. I'm happy where I am, and I didn't apply for this new position, more that the area manager and manager of the new store offered it to me, so like Lauren I have decisions to make!

One of our biggest areas of planning is travel - we have visited 10 countries in our ten years together so it is unsurprising that the only real plans we have made for this year involves holidays! My lovely in-laws got me a trip to Malta for my 30th, which is very soon. After all the drama we've been through lately it will be wonderful to escape to a familiar, but far away place. We also have a trip to Malta planned for the summer , for my Moms 60th. Lauren's parents are kindly letting us stay in their 2nd home there, which will be empty, and we are really excited to show my Mom somewhere we've had so many lovely holidays.

Apart from that - we've got nothing! We aim to begin IVF before the end of summer, but we have nothing else pencilled in our diaries - no valentines, Easter or birthday plans! Hopefully our jobs will sort themselves out in the next few months, and things will become more organised again. Until then, what about that free Nandos?!

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