Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February - pups, Valentine's and new beginnings

February has been rather amazing. The month we have been waiting for, when all the rubbish stuff that has happened lately seems to be leaving us finally! Here's what's been making us smile this month!

Willow had another play date with her schnauzer friends Scout and Elvis. As usual, Scout follows Willow around everywhere, while Elvis prefers to use this as a good excuse to get all the human fuss for himself! We love taking this pack of cute black bears for a walk!

February also bought Valentine's Day, which as of last year, we definitely are very fond of! Cards, presents, flowers, and lots of love - what's not to like?! 

And not forgetting Willow, who had pink heart shaped biscuits for Valentines Day!

But even better than that, Willow had a Valentine!
 A neighbour asked us to look after her dog for a week while she went away - meet Gino, a tiny Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso cross! 
We have often considered whether to get another dog, and although we decided against it, it was so much fun having a second pup for a week! Gino loves being cuddled, and was very well behaved - we were expecting him to cry all night but not a sound! We did however realise how well behaved Willow is compared to other dogs - Gino soon discovered barking at the door, asking for food and running upstairs aren't allowed in this house! We were sad to see Gino go, and hope he comes back soon! 
Gino also got to spend not only Valentine's Day with us, but Pancake day too! I absolutely love pancakes, so I'm always excited for this day (despite eating pancakes pretty much all the time!) 
During the day time we visited one of our favourite restaurants in Brindley Place for pancakes and coffee, as a celebration of our lives finally becoming more settled!
Then that evening we cooked savoury (olive and sundried tomato) and sweet (lemon and sugar, and chocolate) vegan pancakes. Here are a few examples of or previous pancakes - cream egg filled, good old lemon and sugar, my amazing 'pancake cake' birthday cake, and my 30th birthday breakfast of vegan pumpkin spice and jam donut pancakes made by my amazing wife!

And of course, we made mini pancakes for Willow and Gino!

We were honoured to be interviewed by LGBT travel magazine Connextions for an article about Love Around The World. They talk about our love of travel, where we have been, how we plan trips, and our honeymoon in Mexico. There is also a separate article about the USA roadtrip we went on last year for our first wedding anniversary. It's issue 17 which is out now - you can read it online at

And in most exciting news of all, my wonderful lady started a new job. After being extremely unhappy in her old job due to rubbish management, she made the brave decision to see what else was out there. She is still a midwife, but has got a fantastic job working for a company who provide exemplary midwives to a few different hospitals around the Midlands and slightly further afield, when they are requested. The past four months have been extremely hard, but I am not alone in being in awe of her strength and courage, and am so excited in this new beginning. She has numerous hospitals interested in employing her permanently, and may decide to take up one of these on their offer in the near future - until then, she is enjoying a new way of working that gives her more freedom. As a reward I got her a card, a mini notebook for writing down where everything is at whichever hospital she is at that day, and this adorable Starbucks card, as she passes a drive through Starbucks on her way to work!

 Life suddenly feels a lot brighter, and I cannot wait to start enjoying all the wonderful things that are pencilled in our diaries - we have a night in Brighton booked for next month, and a holiday to Malta in June - we can't wait for some sunshine!

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