Saturday, 28 March 2015

March - flowers, food, and a shopaholic dog

March has been lovely. Spring time always brings new beginnings it seems, and this is certainly true for us, with Lauren enjoying her new job. We have been embracing spring inside our home and out - 
And it's nice that our walks are involving less rain! 
The first part of March, as mentioned in our previous post, bought our exciting interview in Glamour magazine! We have the article in a frame in our stair collage.
Lauren works longer hours for less days a week with her new job, so it has given us the opportunity to spend lots more time together - going for food of course! 
We spent a day shopping in Worcester - a couple of Lauren's friends live here and she has wanted to show me around for a while. There are lots of cute little shops and quirky little cafes, we had a lovely lunch in a restaurant called Bill's. 

We also visited one of our favourite restaurants in Birmingham, a vegan place. We go for meals a lot in Birmingham and it often takes us a while to work back around to our tried and tested favourites, but we always make time for this one! The staff know us by name, we know whatever we order will be gorgeous, and it always makes for a lovely chilled out evening.
We love the 'green heart' painting on the wall outside!

We had a date night at Wagamama's, and were impressed how vegan friendly they were - their food is so full of flavour and their juices are also amazing! We used to go to Wagamama a lot at the start of our relationship so it's always fun to go back.
The sun came out! Conveniently during Sarah's week off from work, so she was able to have drinks with friends in her beloved Birmingham. She also went to a new hair salon - she likes her new hair, but still hates hair salons!

We also found time for a bit of shopping. For our pup! We took Willow to Pets At Home, a large pet store we have always taken her to, as dogs are allowed inside. She had great fun choosing a new bed, picking out lots of new toys, playing with a pug, and having lots of fuss and biscuits from the staff! Meanwhile we tried lots of jumpers on her and explained a lot to people that no she isn't a puppy, she's four years old - tiny girl! 
March 19th was our four year engagement anniversary - it's gone so quick, but we feel really lucky to be able to look back over those four years and have such lovely memories. It's nice to realise, that although we had some hard times in those four years relating to our jobs and family health, they seem to fade away - the happy times are the ones that stick in your mind.

The last part of March will be spent in one of our favourite places ever, but as it's part of Lauren's birthday celebrations, we'll save that for another post!

Happy spring!

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