Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Safe flight, spermywormies

Just a very quick post to document that today our spermies are being shipped over from Denmark in preparation for our impending treatment. The clinic called on Monday to say that they weren't able to send our protocol and drug schedule out in the post until the sperm has been received, so could we arrange for it to be shipped over.

So on Monday night we had one of those very surreal moments, one that you never think about happening to you - we spent over £1000 getting two 0.5mls of sperm shipped in a special frozen tank!! And then today after a bit of calling the sperm bank, and then the fertility clinic, and getting them to talk to each other to confirm that they were indeed expecting a shipment, I got the email to say that they have been shipped! That means they will be flown over tonight for delivery at the clinic tomorrow. 
It's odd because previously, we never gave much thought to the sperm part, just thinking that pretty much any sperm would do! (Classy) But it's odd how important it now seems - we chose our donor simply because his information made him feel right, we had a nice feeling about him. Yes he was not too tall (we are 5'6 and 5'1), slim to average weight, with light skin and eyes, and blonde/brown hair. But he also likes rock music, is an atheist, likes to travel, and holds family, love, modesty, and manners in high regard. His favourite colour is green because 'it's the colour of nature'. The staff at the sperm bank commented on how he greets everyone with a big smile and sparkling eyes, and has a strong desire to help people - which was his reason for donating. We are strong believers in the view that your personality, likes, and traits are picked up from those around you, in this case, my wife and I, who will be the child's mothers. The sperm donor is simply that - a donor of cells. But if by any chance these things can be inherited, we would certainly be happy for our donors characteristics to be a part of a child. 

It's so strange, thinking that half of our potential child is currently frozen in a cylinder somewhere, being flown over to the UK this evening! So safe flight spermyworms, we hope to meet you very soon! (we never thought two 'gold star lesbians' would ever say that!)


  1. Aw, the previous owner of your sperm sounds like a very nice person!

  2. Sounds perfect! Good luck girls! x


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