Friday, 31 July 2015

30 little eggies, ready for collection.

Written on Thursday at 4pm but blogger didn't publish it....

I have been feeling much better over the last 48 hours, which probably coincides with the fact my gonal-f was reduced slightly at our last appointment. I've had more energy, less headaches, and just generally felt better. I've been nauseous, but hey, that's nothing new. And something I am hoping will roll very quickly in to morning sickness. Here's hoping….

After a very non-eventful day yesterday of resting, drinking half an ocean's worth of water, walking with Willow and resting some more, I was grateful when today rolled around and I could go for what we hoped would be the last scan before egg collection. Unfortunately Sarah was unable to attend again, as it was smack bang in the middle of her working day, and she needs to save her time off for the biggies, like egg collection and embryo transfer.

As usual, first up was the scan. Thirty little follicles confirmed, just like last time. The only difference is, they've grown! I now have 3 x 20.5mm, 4 x 17mm, and 6 x 16.5mm. The rest range from 9 - 15mm. My ovaries are so big they now meet in the middle, the sonographer said they are cuddling. Weird. No wonder they are so damn uncomfortable! Plus, uterus lining good, so all in all, she estimated I would be ready for egg collection on Saturday. I asked why I have responded like this, and if it's indicative of polycystic ovaries. She said they definitely aren't polycystic, and the fact that I have so many follicles growing just shows that I have a really great ovarian reserve and am generally very fertile. Trust the lesbian to be the fertile one who STILL has to go through IVF to make a baby.

Next comes the confusing bit. I had my bloods taken to check my oestrogen levels. They are 12000. They have risen quite dramatically from 4900 on Tuesday. A pre-IVF normal level is anything up to 200. So 12000 is HIGH, and confirms that a) I have a lot of follicles, b) I have reacted very well indeed to the medication and c) I am now at high risk of OHSS - ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. So with all this information the only thing we could do was wait to hear from the Consultant about how they wanted us to play out the next few days. The options mainly being proceed with collection on Saturday, or 'coast' me for a few days, whereby I don't take any medication to make the follies grow any bigger, but we allow the levels of oestrogen to drop naturally over 48 hours or so, and then proceed with collection on Monday.

So it feels as though today has been a lot of waiting around, waiting for answers, and trying to distract our minds off it all. Finally the phone rang with the plan…

1) Egg collection will be at 9am Saturday morning. Apparently they are concerned but not too concerned, as the numbers are high but not too high, and they believe my body is coping well with all that's going on. Even though four people said to me today "you've got a lot going on in there"!

2) The Consultant said she is mindful of OHSS but not concerned. I don't have any of the risk factors for it, so she said just to relax, drink plenty, and that she is hopeful that even if I do get some mild symptoms, they will have gone by the time embry transfer day rolls around.

3) My trigger shot has been changed from pregnyl, a hCG containing drug which tells your ovaries to ripen and mature the eggs in time for collection, to burseriline, a drug which does exactly the same thing, but that doesn't contain any hCG. Apparently hCG is the driving force behind OHSS, so by giving me a trigger that is free of it, I 'should' be spared OHSS too. Let's hope.

4) The trigger shot needs to be timed perfectly, and given 36 hours before egg collection. So that's 9pm tonight.

We are so excited! I have tried really hard to be very level headed and pragmatic about the whole thing. It may work, it may not, but each bump and twist and turn in the rollercoaster has been met with a very calm approach which has mainly been me telling myself "this is meant to be, just relax, and allow things to play out as they should". But I have to say, now we have gotten this far, and things have gone so well (or a little too well!), I can't help but smile at the possibility that this time next week we may have a tiny fertilised embryo inside my womb, trying to work out where to implant and stay for the next nine months! Come on baby, we want you so much!

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  1. Hello,

    Would just like to wish you lots of luck for your egg collection tomorrow. We live in Birmingham too and had IVF treatment in February. We are now 25 weeks pregnant. Would be happy to answer any questions you might have and it's always lovely to talk to people in a similar situation as us. Good luck tomorrow! :-) xx

  2. Aw this made me feel all warm and nice! My wife DR'd on Buserelin and her Oestrogen levels rocketed to 1500! That's why our last cycle was cancelled before we even got to the stim stage. It's all very complicated. I hope the trigger went OK last night, and I will think of you both tomorrow morning for your EC! Good luck! Report back asap with numbers and notes!


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