Saturday, 25 July 2015

Grow, grow, grow!

Grow little eggies, grow grow grow!

Our nightly routine has become quite comical….

Me, "I'll just go in the shower / take Willow out / stick the kettle on etc"

Sarah, "what now?"

Me, "Yeah why?"

Sarah, "Well cos we need to do your injection in a few minutes"

Me, "oh yeah, I forgot!"

As we have previously written about, we wanted to do everything we could to make our IVF cycle a success first time. We are very aware that if we get the stage of embryo transfer we then have a 68% chance of me getting pregnant. That means a 32% chance that I won't. That part will be entirely down to luck, and completely out of our control. But what happens up until then is entirely within our control, and that of the clinic, who advise us on what dosage of what drugs I need to be on, when to come in for blood tests and scans, and how to help this whole process.

During the stimulating phase, there were three main things we needed to concentrate on - no stress (or as little as possible), drink gallons of water, and eat protein protein protein. The clinic actually advised me to have a high protein, low carb diet, and to drink at least 3 litres of water a day. The reason for this is that they are concerned that I may react too strongly to the stimming drugs, and so the low carb diet will ensure I don't produce too many eggs (carbs cause problems for your ovaries due to insulin response), but high protein that I will produce fewer eggs that are all of higher quality.

So this week I have taken it pretty easy. I have purposefully committed to shifts at work that will be gentle enough so as to not get too stressed, and on my days off I've got free days, days of doing nothing but resting, walking Willow, spending time with my wife, and family. Occasionally attending acupuncture or practising some yoga! And hopefully this is how I'll spend the next few weeks, particularly as our trips to the clinic are going to become every other day…and then daily! I just overwhelmingly feel the need to slow down, protect myself and allow my body to do it's wonderful job of growing us some eggies!

And to help my body on it's way we have really and hugely upped our protein intake in the meals we eat together, and those I eat alone (ie breakfast!). Breakfast is a meal I've rarely ever eaten, I'm just not hungry enough! But by making a simple green smoothie with a heap of protein powder first thing I can cross off nearly 30g of my 75g for daily target! On top of that we have been eating tons of lentils, tofu, walnuts, cashews, quinoa, chickpeas, green leafy veg, beans (black beans, broad beans, bakes beans, butter beans, kidney beans, edamame and peas have all been eaten this week!) and avocado. And snacking on peanut butter and low carb fruit (berries, yumm), pumpkin seeds and dried apricots.

Sarah has been the most incredible wife. I love just how much this process is a real partnership. From researching and then buying the best vegan protein powder for my smoothies, finding some cans of soft drinks that contain no caffeine or aspartame or any other kind of sweetener, organising the appointments at the clinic to fit around both of our work schedules, and finally giving me all of my injections (I may be a midwife but I am not convinced I could ever inject myself. Ugh.). She has generally been an all round incredible, supportive and wonderful wife and I couldn't be more grateful that she chose to go through all of this crazy stuff, and try and build a family, with me. She could've had anyone in the world, and she chose me. I'm so lucky.

I have been pretty amazed that already, even in the few short days we have been injecting (we've done four doses now), I can feel my body reacting already. I usually feel ovulation pain each month, and the twinges and aches of my follicle growing - and that's exactly what I have been feeling for the past couple of days. On top of that I've had some pretty intense headaches and felt absolutely exhausted! It started on Wednesday morning, and has continued to gain strength since. I was a little concerned at first, and wondered if I was reacting too quickly to the drugs and if I needed to ring the clinic, but my wonderful wife reminded me that each month I can feel my ovaries stretch with the growth of one follicle - it's no wonder therefore I am already feeling the stretch as they grow anything up to 20 or more at once! So I felt far more reassured!

Next up is to add in the second drug tomorrow, the one that prevents me from ovulating, and then attending the clinic for a scan on Saturday morning to see how these little eggs are getting on! We are both incredibly excited about it!

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  1. Wow - you guys are about .... a week off collection, right? This is amazing! I wish you every luck in the world! We're right behind you!

  2. So wonderful to read little snippets of your IVF journey. You have such a supportive partnership. You nourish yourselves and your bodies. Grow little eggies grow <3


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