Wednesday, 8 July 2015

June journal post - summer of love

We have certainly felt the love this month, with probably the biggest example being the wonderful news that equal marriage was legalised across all fifty states in America.
The amount of support for LBGT rights that has been proudly displayed on seemingly every type of media has been huge, and awesome! 
The Love Has No Labels campaign encouraged people via Twitter and Instagram to upload a photo using one of their frames to promote acceptance of love regardless of gender, labels, colour or religion.

Of our favourite stores, Lush, also ran a brilliant campaign. I worked at Lush when Lauren and I met, and we used to buy each other so much of it for birthdays and Christmas! One of our favourite products was an apple shaped soap called Love - the scent of it holds so much nostalgia for us, and we were so happy to see that the fragrance, which has been discontinued for years, is the scent of a limited edition 'Love Soap. It's also gold, glittery, and stamped with the words GayIsOk - what more could you want?! 
The campaign is in partnership with All Out, who work to create equal rights for LGBT people across the world. Lush are aiming to raise £250'000 for grass roots LGBT groups, with £50'000 going to All Out.

Seeing the change in attitudes even in the 10-15 years since we were teenagers is brilliant, especially seeing such a bold campaign in hundreds of Lush shop windows in high streets and shopping centres around the country. Although sadly homophobia still very much exists, it is being challenged much more often, with increasing determination, and becoming the 'taboo' rather than homosexuality being the taboo. And a little more love never hurt anyone!

Keeping within the loved up theme, I've been lucky enough to go on a few dates with this gorgeous lady

And spent lots of time with our lovely family. As well as a holiday to Malta with my Mom for her 60th birthday, we had a big family brunch at Laurens parents, and a dinner/theatre/drinks with Lauren's parents and Aunty, who is temporarily visiting from Malta.
I love this picture of our niece sitting on Lauren's lap whilst holding my hand - such a sweet little girl!

It's crazy to think the end of this month means 2015 is half way through. The weather finally seems to have arrived in full summer mode, with the days being long, and everyone venturing outside rather than cooped up indoors. And the roses planted in our garden are looking gorgeous!

Here's to a summer of love! :)

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