Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Just my cup of tea

On Thursday we went to the baby making clinic for our last appointment before beginning the stimulating injections. I've been on the pill for 4 weeks now, and to be honest it's been absolutely fine. Aside from my wife needing to remind me to take it nearly every single day, it hasn't been at all bad. In the beginning I got headaches and lots and lots of nausea, but once my body had gotten used to these new fake hormones I was fine. We shall see if this continues as we pump my body full of follicular hormones to produce us lots of lovely eggies! 

I have to admit, the hardest part of all of this so far for me has been to cut out caffeine. It's really, really tough. Talking to my best friend recently I likened it to a smoker who has been told to give us smoking but the desire to stop just isn't there. The addiction is too strong. I want to stop drinking caffeine, because the 'what if's' of me not getting pregnant because I couldn't cut down on caffeine are just not worth it in my brain. So I have weaned myself off my beloved tea slowly, and by finding replacements! Today was not only my first day of not taking the pill, it was also my first full day of no caffeine. None! Who knew caffeine was such a strong drug!! But research says that consuming more than 200mg of caffeine (2 cups of coffee) a day (in total - including all drinks and foods like dark chocolate) raises the chance of miscarriage four fold. And halves the rate of successful fertilisation in IVF patients.

When trying to cut out caffeine the first thing for me to do was to try and find some acceptable replacements. Decaf coffee tastes like, well, coffee...but decaf tea tastes like milk and water! But I was determined to find something that worked, so googled other people's suggestions (the reason for the post - to give others hope that it can be done!) and then spent a little fortune in the supermarket on different brands of decaf tea. Here are my suggestions on replacing that lovely cuppa:

Best brand of decaf - Typhoo. It is strong, full of taste and flavour and cons you in to thinking you are drinking the real thing. Closely followed by Yorkshire Tea - although you need two bags in a cup to get the same strength and yumminess. 

Peppermint - we are big mint tea drinkers in our house. Both of us love the stuff, so it hasn't been hard to swap a cuppa for a cup of lovely mint tea. As long as it's not mixed with green it's caffeine free. 

Fruit tea - smell amazing, taste disgusting - not for me. No matter how hard I try. 

Redbush - naturally caffeine free. Tastes like you are drinking flowers - it's 'ok' - but the box I bought is still pretty full, so maybe not. 

Decaf green tea - yep, a good one. I like! Clipper use unbleached tea bags and good quality green tea - it's lovely, and doesn't have the same tangy bitterness I dislike about usual green tea. 

When visiting Starbucks with my wonderful wife, or on a Friday afternoon when I meet with my sister in Costa, I initially began to just ask for decaf coffee. But since drinking much less caffeine I've really gone off coffee, even decaf. The thought of it makes me feel very nauseous. I don't think it's a coincidence! Luckily as it's summer (apparently, Britain) I can order cold drinks like a soya chocolate cream frappacino or mango iced tea (ask for decaf!), which are dairy and caffeine free, and gorgeous. 
Maybe in the winter I'll move on to soya milk hot chocolate! 

So after getting my head around finding some acceptable replacements the next thing I worked really hard on was stopping the habit of putting the kettle on. My mornings on my day off were usually make tea, snuggle wife, make more tea, read through Internet, more tea, walk willow, more tea. Four cups before my day began was pretty standard. Six more from then on in was also quite normal. And for this bit...I have no advice...just have resolve that you want to stop, think of why you want to not drink that cup of tea, think about the baby you will hopefully make...

And then you find yourself drinking one small cup of tea a day, no soft drinks, loads of water and weirdly feeling far more awake!! 

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