Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pregnancy Diary - Wk 4: Wales

15th-22nd October 2015

4 weeks pregnant

Symptoms: Slight nausea. Sore tingly boobs.A huge craving for gherkins!

Our baby is: as an embryo, splitting into three sections - in one, the brain is beginning to form, in another, the heart, and in a third, the lungs and intestines.

Our baby is the size of: a poppy seed!

The weekend we spent in Wales brought us a couple of days of utter peace and relaxation. It's amazing how, in a time of so much modern technology, we all seem to find ourselves again by 'getting away from it all'. We usually have a complete cut off from social media during our holidays - trips like our California road trip last year, exploring the souks in Marrakesh, and relaxing in the Welsh mountains seem much more of an adventure with no iPhones! For us, this break gave us a couple of days to spend together and begin to process the news that we are going to be parents.

Friday began with Sarah going to work, whilst I attempted to get things together for our weekend away. It didn't exactly go to plan as I couldn't move my brain much further than "I'm pregnant. Oh my god I have a baby in my tummy!" So she returned home to find me sitting on the sofa with Willow having not packed a thing! Packing and organising done (by Sarah!), we set off mid-afternoon.

Our first trip was to Cheltenham, to visit Whole Foods.

We absolutely LOVE Whole Foods, with it's vast array of unusual and delicious foods, and its plentiful vegan options everywhere you look. We were excited, as Halloween/Autumn lovers, to see their GIANT pumpkin display!

We knew the caravan had a very small electric oven and hob, and a fire pit, so we needed food that could be cooked on either, so mainly chose amazing salad boxes, tray bakes of veggies, nachos and dips, calzones, bread and chocolate spread…

After buying more than enough food we set off to our destination of Llanvihangel Crucorney, a tiny little hamlet not far from Abergavenny, and situated in the Black Mountains. Our 1950s renovated caravan was situated on the side of a hill overlooking the beautiful valley below us, with amazing views of the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain.
We were happy to be greeted by the friendly owner, who had left us lots of goodies in the caravan, and after walking Willow, we settled down to a delicious meal, and then our big comfy bed!

The next morning we had one thing on our mind - our official pregnancy test date! Although we had gotten our wonderful positive test on Wednesday, we wanted to have that reasusrance of a later, stronger, darker line on a test. And we certainly got one! Willow, you're going to be a big sister!

The weather outside was beautiful, so we decided to go for a walk with Willow, and celebrate our exciting pink lines!

After we had spotted an adorable baby cow in a field of cows, and Willow had made friends with lots of dogs (and sheep!) we came back to our caravan for pumpkin soup and bread. How cute is the caravan?!

After lunch, we ventured out into Abergavenny for hot chocolates in a cafe. We also saw a pub nearby called The Skirrid inn - the oldest inn in Wales, it's also meant to be one of the most haunted places in Britain, but we didn't stop to check this fact out - we felt much safer returning to our mountainside home! The views really were beautiful, with the setting sun reflecting on the autumn leaves.

As the sun went down, we headed outside to make a campfire, where we sat for hours toasting marshmallows - a beautiful, romantic, peaceful evening that we will remember for a long time!


The next day we were sad to leave our little hideaway home, but we had an exciting job ahead of us - beginning to share our news! We wanted to tell people who we would want support from, no matter what happened in our pregnancy, so will not be sharing it with 'everyone'/Facebook etc until Lauren is 12wks pregnant (mid December). The first person to be told was Lauren's sister, by phone - Lauren didn't have to tell Sarah what Jo said, as she could hear her screaming 'oh my god!' from feet away!
We then visited Sarah's parents and shared the news that they are going to be grandparents,as well as Sarah's brother. We also shared our news on Instagram/Twitter, and our blog - our followers have shared every part of our journey and have been so supportive, particularly the TTC community, so wanted to let them in on our secret.
Monday was Lauren's parents 30th wedding anniversary, and we went round to see them, along with Lauren's brother, sister, brother in law and niece, to meet them upon their return from a holiday in Morocco.Their gift from us all was a handmade bench for their new garden, but they got an extra gift too - the news that they are going to be grandparents!

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  1. I can't believe that you two were like 15 minutes from my home ..... Would of been amazing to meet up for a tea/coffee/beverage of choice.... Glad you had a nice time though.

    Clo xxxx

    1. Aww wow, you live in such a beautiful place Chloe! I'm sure we'll return so may see you then!


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