Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sarah's 31st birthday

We honestly think this year has been one of the fastest on record. It barely seems a few months since we were celebrating my 30th;  it seems crazy to think that was a year ago. One minute I was still hoping for a bit more summer sunshine, the next I am admiring the changing leaves. Time flies!
So suddenly, it was my 31st (but please, world, no older, ok?!)
I was at work on my birthday, but as I had kindly been given a 7am-11am shift, I didn't really mind - and I had time to open some birthday cards! I love cards, and got some really cute ones!
Plus it was made better by my amazing wife getting up early and baking me vegan cinnamon rolls, making me a coconut latte in a new puppy themed coffee cup, and driving me to work!
Work was also quite fun, with people wishing me happy birthday, giving me lots of hugs, plus a card and a gorgeous present.

Lauren then collected me from work, and we went home to open my presents! I was very spoilt by my naughty wife - a beautiful new coat from Ted Baker, clothes from my fave shops All Saints and French Connection, lovely goodies from Victoria's Secret, and a box of vegan yummyness including chocolate sheep, nacho cheese mix, peanut butter cups, and chocolate spoons to stir into hot chocolate! I also got a beautiful new work bag from my parents.

 After all the present unwrapping (unusually not helped by Willow, as she had been dropped off at her grandparents!), we made our way into town to our favourite spa, where we have spent our hen party and a few anniversaries. My first stop was the champagne nail bar to have a glitter manicure, whilst Lauren relaxed in the hanging cocoon pods - where she fell fast asleep until I went to find her after my manicure! We then chilled out in the pool area - relaxing on  loungers, going for a swim and a relax in the steam room. We have been working so much lately, so a day of pure relaxation was bliss.
After feeling very chilled out, we went up to our hotel room to enjoy the view, and get ready for a night out. We didn't have a reservation for dinner, so it was nice to get ready slowly, spend time in our lovely room, and not worry about being late!

Our first stop was a Venetian tapas restaurant we have wanted to try for a while! As you cannot reserve a table we knew we would have to wait - although we weren't betting on the wait being an hour and half! We were happy to spend some time at the bar though - the crowd was very glamorous and made for great people watching! We were lucky enough to bag a space at the front of the bar, and after two cocktails and just under an hour, we were called to a table. It was definitely worth the wait, the food was amazing! We had such a great time, and we can't wait to return!



After our meal we ventured back to our hotel and had drinks in the Laurent-Perrier bar - the views are amazing, and always bring back great memories of our hen party. It was a great way to finish off the day - I felt relaxed, pampered, and very, very happy!

The next morning we had breakfast in Marco Pierre White's as it was included in our room rate, but it wasn't great for vegans, and meant we ended up having chips for lunch later as we were hungry! The views were nice at least!

After checking out, we got Starbucks, and drove to Laurens parents to collect our bear. Although the sun was out the whole weekend, it had definitely started to feel more autumnal - our favourite season!

I also had not one but two birthday cakes (one my Mom was very proud of decorating herself, and a vegan red velvet cake from Star Baker aka Lauren), 

I also spent Sunday visiting my favourite park with my best friend, and had even more presents! I was really happy that I got to spend time with Lauren, my parents, and my best friend.
My birthday was so much fun, apart from my 30th I can't remember one I have loved so much! And like my 30th, I have my wife to thank - she is seriously some kind of birthday planner extraordinaire!

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