Wednesday, 9 December 2015

11 weeks - a night at the ballet

3rd December -  9th December 2015

11 weeks pregnant

Symptoms: still lots of morning (and evening?!) sickness! Absolute exhaustion, super growing boobs and an expanding tummy!

Cravings: oranges and orange juice.

Our baby: has a tongue, and is growing hair follicles!

Our baby is the size of: a lime

This week has flown by. Time seems to be speeding up the further into the pregnancy we get - we can't believe that tomorrow we are 12 weeks. Crazy! 
This weekend we had made very Christmassy plans we had been looking forward to for a while - we had Nutcracker tickets! 

The performances of The Nutcracker by the Birmingham Royal Ballet always signals the start of the festive season, and we (and Sarah's mom) have been planning on booking tickets for years and never got round to it. So this year we changed that! 
We headed into Birmingham city centre and went for dinner first, which in itself was lovely and festive - we love our city even more this time of year. 

The story of The Nutcracker revolves around Clara, a girl who is given a nutcracker doll by a mysterious magician at her family's Christmas party. The set was absolutely stunning, and so Christmassy! With a huge Christmas tree that was gradually lit by beautiful candles.

The story then sees Clara sneak downstairs at midnight to play with the doll, which then comes to life, and saves Clara from rats! The scenery revolves to giant Christmas tree branches, giving the impression that the ballerina playing Clara was shrinking under the tree! Clara is then taken through a dream world of people and places - the talent of the dancers, the beautiful costumes, and gorgeous sets absolutely took our breath away, along with the beautiful orchestra accompanying the dancers. Our favourite scene being numerous ballerinas dancing among a stunning set of silver trees, with thick snow falling - incredible.

Image courtesy of Birmingham Royal Ballet
The show had us mesmerised from start to finish, and we felt very lucky to be seated just a couple of rows from the front. Going home, with a Christmas Starbucks, we definitely felt full of Christmas spirit. 

And so we are at the end of 11 weeks! Tomorrow we are at the all important 12 week mark - we have our 12 week scan, and will be breaking the news to everyone. Which seems crazy! It has been our beautiful, surreal little secret for months, it seems lovely but strange to think we can finally talk about it to whoever we like! Lauren's mum started "showing" very early in her pregnancies, having a small bump at 12 weeks, and Lauren is definitely following in her footsteps - with a bump popping out from nowhere; look how cute it is!

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