Thursday, 3 December 2015

Week 10 - heartbeats, Christmas trees and a party

26th November -  2nd December 2015

10 weeks pregnant

Symptoms: tiredness and morning (and evening!) sickness continue!

Our baby: is starting to grow finger and toenails, and tiny buds for teeth! The major organs are all now formed, and beginning to function.

Our baby is the size of: a prune..but we aren't keen on them, so we're going with a lollipop!

So we are a bit late posting this as Lauren is 11 weeks today! Out tenth week was rather lovely. It began with a very lovely holiday - Thanksgiving. Although we are Brits, we think it's a really great thing to sit down with people you love, with amazing home cooked food, and talk about what you are thankful for. We certainly have a lot we are very thankful for - each other - in so many ways, a nice home in the city we love, our lovely pup, the amazing places we've seen, such wonderful family and friends close by (and some further afield too!), and especially at the moment, our baby growing in Lauren's tummy! We shared a bottle of (non alcoholic) wine, and sat down to a vegan feast prepared by Lauren! Green bean casserole (vegan cheese doesn't melt as well but it was still DELICIOUS!), candied yams, apple stuffing, pecan roasted veg, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes and mac n cheese. With homemade pumpkin pie to follow of course. We had the left overs for dinner the next day, which we looked forward to all day at work!

Saturday was something we were really looking forward to. We had booked a private scan at a clinic, so that we could monitor the haematoma (like a bruise on the uterus that causes bleeding in early pregnancy), and also with the bonus of having another peek at our little one! As it was Lauren's Mum's birthday, we invited her along. We were happy to see the haematoma had shrunk a lot, and to be told by the sonographer it is of no clinical significance. And here is our little one at 10wks2days!

The scan was projected onto a large monitor so we could all see the baby. Our baby was wriggling around, and was described as 'perfect!' by the sonographer. She then asked if we had heard the heartbeat before, and we said we hadn't, so she of course obliged - hearing our babies heartbeat fill the room was incredible for us all, and very emotional. We have already shed so many tears of happiness over you, little one.

The lovely sonographer then gave us a special treat - a sneaky peek at a 4D scan! Seeing our baby in 4D was amazing, and so cute with one hand tucked up by it's face! Lauren's Mum was moved to tears - we hope crying on her birthday was worth it! 

We returned home for huge hot chocolates and lit our Christmassy candles, and then it was time for Lauren's Mum's birthday party, a joint party with her twin sister who had flown over from Malta for the occasion. We used the opportunity to tell her, and the remiander of Lauren's family who were still in the dark, about our impending arrival. Seeing the happiness on people's faces when we tell them we are expecting is such always such a special moment!

The party at Laurens parents house was so much fun, and we joked that at the last family party, for Lauren's parent's anniversary, we had been keeping it a secret that Lauren was newly pregnant, which resulted in me having to sneakily drink any alcohol she was given, as well as my own! There were 12 of Laurens family present, and a huuuge buffet of Chinese food cooked by Lauren's Dad, and we had a wonderful night enjoying everyone's company.

Although it was Lauren's Mum's / Aunty's birthday, Lauren's Mum got us this lovely gift, so we can count down to our babys arrival! It is so exciting to watch our parents' excitement grow about becoming Grandparents. Cue more happy tears from us! 

The following morning was spent recovering from the night before. It really hit Lauren how exhausting it is growing this little one, as she barely made it out of bed (except of course to the bathroom - frequent visits are necessary in the morning!) for the whole of the morning. We had originally planned to head back over to Lauren's parents house, to enjoy their City's turning on the Christmas lights. But unfortunately it had been cancelled due to terrible weather. So instead we used the opportunity to break tradition and put our Christmas decorations up….in November (well, it was the 29th!). 

A tradition we've kept pretty much the whole 11 years we've been together, is decorating our bedroom too!.The tree is the one we bought when we first lived together, so it has very sweet memories. We often joke that our tree downstairs is big and beautiful, it is classically and elegantly decorated with co-ordinating and beautiful ornaments. Whereas the white tree in our bedroom has a very eclectic collection of decorations, all a mishmash of colours and designs, collected over the entire length of our relationship. They couldn't be more different but we love them equally!

A tradition we only started last year,  but will definiely keep up, was our home made advent calender! We fill paper bags with vegan treats (food, beauty products etc) and made little pegs with numbers on - well its more exciting than a tiny chocolate!

And so we find ourselves in to December! Most definitely the most wonderful time of the year! We have a couple of Christmassy outings planned for the coming weeks, and have planned how we will spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day. lts strange to think that this is our last Christmas as two (or three including Willow, as our friend Laura pointed out!) so we plan on enjoying every single second of it - next one we will have a 6 month old! From here on in it will never be just the two of us again, and whilst we can't wait for every year to come, as our family grows and changes, we equally love our wonderful time as me and her, so plan to really make the most of it. 

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