Monday, 15 February 2016

Our last Valentine's as two

So as our calendar quite clearly points out this month, February brings Valentines Day! 

Every year the shops are seemingly increasingly filled with Valentines cards and gifts - there really is no escaping it!
It also seems that every year, people fall into two camps - those who love Valentine's Day, and really get into the spirit of it, and those who find it all a little bit contrived.
We have to admit, in previous years we've not been huge fans of the holiday - we have bought each other cards, and occasionally gone out for a meal or bought small gifts, but have always edged more towards the "it's so commercial!' view of Valentines Day. 
However last year we decided that we would get in to the spirit of Valentines Day - after all, it's a day in celebration of love, and who can say no to that! We understand the arguments against celebrating - of course we should all show our loved ones we care every day of the year, but having a day especially dedicated to it is surely something to celebrate.  We also see the side of the arguement that says it's all about making money, but this could be said about most things in the world - Christmas, autumn, having a baby, losing weight…you name it!
All that said, we love Valentine's Day, and any excuse to love being in love is fine in our eyes! We love seeing all the couples out enjoying the day together, and all thesweet  posts on social media.

This year was our twelfth Valentines (no, we can't remember them all!) and more importantly, our last as just two, before our baby arrives. So we decided to make the most of it! Here's how we spent our last V-Day before becoming mums.

We went for yummy vegan full English breakfasts and soy lattes at our favourite local cafe - it's tiny and fairy light adorned, and they do amazing fried tofu! We love breakfast dates - they are quieter, less formal, and make you happy for the rest of the day.

Opening our cards and presents

LOTS of flowers!

A lovely wander in the (cold!) sunshine around the shops (ok, looking at baby clothes - but we didn't buy any!) , and of course, a Starbucks date!

Our favourite Valentine's window was Foyles - look at all the adorable children's books about love!

We finished off the day by taking Willow for her daily walk - it was freezing, but beautiful (both the sky and my lady)

That evening Lauren cooked us an amazing meal, finished off by lots of sweet treats! I bought Lauren pink heart shaped macarons, and we made amazing peppermint bark. I'm addicted to it at Christmas, so decided to make a Valentines version!

I think this year was our favourite Valentine's. I hope that when our little one comes along, we still find little ways to bring romance to our lives, whether it be sweet words in a card, a thoughtful gift, or a quiet breakfast in our local cafe - albeit accompanied by a baby!

We hope however you celebrated, and whoever you celebrated with, you had a wonderful day full of love :)

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  1. Glad you both had a lovely day, I need to ask do you have a recipe for this peppermint bark, you're always talking about it and I've never tried it.... Is it easy to make? If you do have a recipe would you mind sharing it or even better sending me a batch the next time you make it 😉 Hehee.

    Love Clo X

  2. SO easy Chloe! It's basically a layer of melted chocolate (we use vegan dark but am sure any dark or milk would work) and crushed Oreos, topped with melted white chocolate and crushed candy canes! X

    1. What? You just melt the chocolate and put it in a tin, put a layer of crushed Oreos & then add melted white chocolate & the candy canes & leave to cool????????

    2. Haha yep, that's the extent of my baking skills! 😄 S xx

    3. Haha well there's me thinking there's more to it than that!!! Well I may be making some of that soon... If I have any candy canes left. Cheers girls X

  3. Hi - I'm enjoying reading your blog! Impressed that you managed to celebrate Valentine's Day during pregnancy - I'm 33 weeks pregnant and huge and my wife was ill so we abandoned the idea this year! We're also having a little boy <3. Enjoy still being able to do things while you can and good luck! Xx


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