Friday, 1 April 2016

A letter to my 30 year old wife

Today, this cutie turns 30.

Luckily, she's currently 28wks pregnant, so this kind of shenanigans can't happen again!

 It's strange, and lovely, to think my now wife was 18 when I met her. I've known and loved her as a teenager who captured my heart and changed my life, a twenty something who I grew with, explored life with, and married, and now a thirty something who will make me a mother in twelve weeks. So here is a little letter I want her to read...

When I met you, next to the Rotunda building in Birmingham (little did we know 10 years later we would celebrate our anniversary in the penthouse at the top), the first thing I noticed was your beautiful red hair (OK, and then your boobs!) I knew, that night, that someone undoubtedly amazing had came in to my life, and I knew I always wanted you there. We chatted about a folk singer we both loved, life in general,  and how hard it was to find a nice girl - I don't think we've ever stopped talking since!
I will never forget sitting in Starbucks with you the next day, and you taking a paper espresso cup for me as I thought they were so tiny and funny - I still have it. I remember you laughing at how I ordered the sickly-sweetest things off the menu, and me thinking how cool your green bag with its little patches and buttons was. I'd never met anyone brave enough to have a gay pride badge on their bag in public before, especially at a time when gay bars were necessary safe spaces, and civil partnerships, never mind gay marriage, still didn't exist. You were passionate about equality, and as someone who still felt embarrassed of my sexuality, you inspired me.
Your individuality, your uniqueness, your quirkiness, whatever you want to call it, you were (and are) like no one else in the world, which fascinated me and gave me endless respect for you. You were always into your own thing, not what anyone else was wearing, or listening to, or doing. 
You didn't want to go clubbing - you wanted to see new places, to chat about everything and everything in coffee shops and veggie cafes, to be yourself, to get a good degree. You loved peace, Breakfast At Tiffanys, the theatre, nature, and cups of tea. You still do :)

You worked so hard at uni, I have such respect for your intelligence. And you've worked so hard since, as a midwife, a job that lets you live your love of pregnancy and birth. Hearing your colleagues and patients say how amazing, how talented, how inspiring you are, makes me burst with pride. You empower women to do things that never thought they could, you amaze me. I can't wait to see where life takes you next. You achieve anything you set your mind to - I know the future holds such wonderful things. 

You have made me laugh more than anyone ever has - no bad day is ever bad for long with you. And the good days? They're life changingly amazing. Together we have seen Scotland, Wales, Malta, Barcelona, Sitges, Paris, Amsterdam, Morocco, Iceland, Mexico, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, as well as all around England. We've camped under the stars in yurts and 1950s caravans, we've seen the Northern Lights, we've bought spices in the souks of Marrakech, we've driven over the Golden Gate Bridge and through Beverly Hills, over Welsh mountains and along the west coast of America, we've kissed under the Eiffel Tower, we've watched humpback whales swim past our boat. You are my biggest adventure, in every part of my life. Not many people get to be excited for what their relationship will bring, after nearly twelve years.

Although we are equals, I have always felt protected by you. Your strength is amazing, there are things life has thrown at you that others would have crumbled under. I know nothing bad could happen when you're with me, and you make it clear that my happiness comes way before yours. In fact you are genuinely the most generous, kind person I know. You put everyone before yourself, and are constantly doing things for your family and friends, often without them knowing. My family adore you, seeing you as there own. 
You are one hundred percent the best person I have ever had the privilege of meeting. 
The day we got engaged, our wedding day, and my 30th were some of the best days of my life (there have been many, due to you).
You're still the unique, funny, kind, beautiful, intelligent girl I met all those years ago, but now you drive a new car, live in a nice house, and have Tiffany diamonds on your finger! And soon you will embark upon something else you will be amazing at - motherhood. Our son is so lucky. He doesn't know it yet, safe in your tummy where you've grown him into a beautiful baby with the cutest button nose, that he has the absolute best mum in the world. He is a miracle. But then, you are miraculous.

He will love you so much. Maybe even as much as I do. Because I never thought it was possible to love someone so much, so completely. 
No matter what else is happening in life, I will always be the luckiest woman in the world, because I'm yours. 
I want to thank you, for being you. For every time you've made me smile, every butterfly you've given me, every time I've laughed til I cried, every awe inspiring adventure you've given me, every amazing memory. Let's go make some more!

I love you more than words could ever say, far, far more than a heart should hold. I hope your birthday is amazing - I can't wait to spend another decade with you.
Happy 30th birthday beautiful!

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  1. How beautiful, we cried 💜
    Sam and Leah xx

  2. What beautiful words :') sarah I feel like I have just looked into your heart and all your feelings for Lauren have come tumbling out.. it is so clear that they will never end. You have such a beautiful story and the love you have for one another is so pure. From your blog, it feels like I know you 2 personally(!) & As a couple and as individuals, you are inspiring and amazing - i hope you will continue to share your journey through life with us readers :) lots of love xxx 💕


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