Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Our 3rd wedding anniversary

On the 4th July we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We can't believe time has gone so fast, and how much has happened in that space of time. Our first wedding anniversary was spent exploring San Francisco in the middle of our USA road trip, and our 2nd anniversary was spent in a luxury hotel in London - but with a month old baby in tow, we realised that our third anniversary would be a little less eventful! We decided to stay in our home town, and go on three dates to celebrate three years!

Our first date was in our favourite local cafe (it was joint first with a veggie place, which has now sadly closed down!), a Syrian coffee shop. They serve amazing authentic Syrian food, and they cater very well for veggies and vegans. 

We ate an entire table of food, had amazing Turkish coffee that came in beautiful tiny silver cups, and chatted for hours whilst Oskar slept, fed, or was cooed over by staff. Our visit was topped off with mango chai soy lattes (because new parents = all the coffee!). It was such a wonderful day, we felt like we were on holiday surrounded by beautiful Moroccan style lanterns whilst the rain fell outside.
We are still thinking about that coffee!

On Saturday the 2nd July, Oskar was four weeks old! We cannot believe how fast time has gone - he is 2lbs heavier than when he was born, lifting his head up, looking around, changing his expression, babbling, and is so alert - focusing on our faces, or the sky, or one of his most enthralling subjects - our bedroom wardrobes!

Our second date was to a Mums & Babies cinema event! For mums and small babies only, you settle on a sofa, are served tea and cake to your seat, and settle in to watch a film. The lights aren't lowered as much, and the sound is quieter - plus there's the understanding that babies may cry! We saw Absolutely Fabulous, which Sarah especially was really looking forward to, as her and her mum were big fans of the TV series - however we hate to say, we were really disappointed! The movie was similar to watching an episode of Ab Fab on TV - the jokes seemed quite dated, and the script was not as funny as we expected something written by Jennifer Saunders to be. We were actually quite glad the movie wasn't great, as although when we sat down with our tea and cake on our sofa, thinking what a good idea it all was, we hadn't banked on the other babies being much less behaved than Oskar! Babies cried a lot, and we were slightly annoyed that instead of feeding them/cuddling them/offering them a dummy, some of the mums simply 'shh'ed their babies which had little effect. Meaning they screamed A LOT through parts of the film! Oskar slept though most of it, but woke up to nurse for a while and then lay happily in our arms for the rest. There were also a few women who chatted at full volume through the entire film - one of our pet hates! So this date wasn't as much of a success as the previous one!

We woke up on our anniversary to cards, flowers....

...and the best gift ever, our beautiful boy. We dressed him in an outfit honouring our first dance song at our wedding - All You Need Is Love!

We spent the day at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, as we love nature, and as with the other two dates, wanted something baby friendly. The gardens were quiet as it was a weekday, and we had such a lovely time wandering round looking at the koi fish, and gardens of amazing beautiful flowers - we definitely need a coffee plant at home!

We spent hours having a slow walk through the gardens, coming across different plants, stopping for tea in the tea rooms, seeing chickens, a cat, and a rat (only the chickens were residents!)

We loved the butterfly house - so pretty but strange to see butterflies of all shapes and colours fluttering around your head! They really were beautiful and it was a unique experience, perhaps not for everyone though!

Another cool part was when we thought the peacock over this glasshouse doorway was a statue - until it swooped down to the ground, and started walking around!

We followed him around for a while hoping to see his tail feathers but he wasn't cooperating - very cool to see such a beautiful creature up close all the same!

Oskar slept the entire time, so we enjoyed strolling around and chatting. It was such a wonderful day - we may not have been in an exotic location, but we really enjoyed ourselves! 

Two birds having a smooch - and it wasn't us for once!
We can honestly say our three years of marriage so far have been the best of our lives, and definitely the most eventful! Apart from the biggest day of our lives, when we became Mrs & Mrs, so much has happened:

The biggest one of all - the birth of our son! Having a child is the most exhausting, but most magical thing we have ever done. He fills our lives with so much happiness and love - you really do wake up to a different world.  

Our jobs - three years ago Sarah had just been made redundant whilst Lauren worked ridiculous hours in a difficult job. Sarah is now in her third year with a great company, and had two promotions to management, and even went on a trip to St Lucia. Lauren has left behind her previous job and will embark on a whole new job once she decides what path she wants to take next - one with less stress! But for the next 4-6 months she will enjoy the peace and happiness of a role she was born to do - being a mum

We both turned 30. Celebrating Sarah's with a surprise meal with family and friends at her favourite (complete with amazing Tim Burton themed cake), staying in a boutique hotel, and a trip to a gorgeous luxury eco spa hotel in Cornwall. Then 18months later came Lauren's, with a big family meal, staying in a beautiful hotel, and then a trip to Brighton, one of our favourite places in the world. We both feel we have grown as people in the past three years - we are stronger, more peaceful, and go with the flow of life more! We are proud of the people we've became. We've made new friends, and realised how amazing our old ones are. Lauren learnt that there is much more to life than a job (particularly one that made you sad) and Sarah realised that although she will always be many things besides, being a mum is a pretty amazing thing to be! 

We saw four new countries - Mexico, Iceland, America and Morocco. We honeymooned in the Riviera Maya, we camped in a yurt in secluded welsh mountains, drank cocktails in London, strolled along Brighton beach, walked out dog in the Cotswolds, watched the sunset over the sea in Cornwall, we saw the Northern Lights, we stayed at the Bellagio in Vegas, slept in a log cabin in Yosemite National Park, we went whale watching, we fell in love with Los Angeles, we watched the Independence Day fireworks in San Francisco, we wandered through the crazy souks of Marrakesh…we explored, hand in hand, and we loved every inspiring moment. We can't wait for our son to join us on future adventures!
Here's to many more happy years!


  1. Belated happy anniversary wishes to you both!! And what a lovely day at the gardens you had, our 2nd anniversary is 2 wks away goes so quickly 😊 xx

  2. You girls sure have packed a lot into your three years & rightly so.

    Happy wedding anniversary.

    Much love


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