Saturday, 16 July 2016

Six weeks old.

Last week we registered the birth of our son - he is now a real, official baby! 
We visited Lichfield Registry Office as babies have to be registered within six weeks of birth, and our home city of Birmingham had no appointments. Although Sarah is a born and bred Brummie, Lauren is from Lichfield, and most of her family still live there, so thought it would be a lovely alternative. 

The appointment itself takes minutes, but we had a lovely walk around the grounds in the sun shine afterwards. 

We celebrated afterwards by going for breakfast at a cute little cafe in Lichfield with Laurens parents - it was such a wonderful day.

Six aweeks ago today our beautiful boy entered the world. It's gone in a flash, in a blur, I try and pick out details but it's passed in a haze of happiness, love and the most exhausted I've ever been in my life! Today we are promoted from "newborn" to "baby", as we officially leave our postpartum period behind. Truth be told I'm not ready for this, not yet.

Oskar, you are quite simply the most incredible little thing in our world. Before you arrived, people used to say things to me and Mommy about how wonderful our lives would be when you came along, and how we would learn a different kind of love. Truth be told our life was pretty wonderful before you, and the love we have for each other is strong and powerful, so we used to nod and smile and quietly think to ourselves that we knew better. But it turns out they were right! Our world was tipped on its axis when you came in to it, it seems different now. It's like someone took our lives and replaced them with one that looks different, feels different, and has a whole new kind of love in it.

You are growing so quickly and changing so rapidly. Family members who saw you a couple of weeks ago comment on how much you've changed - your newborn creases have gone, your belly is round and your thighs are chunky, it's utterly adorable. You take after your Mums and like your food very much, and I'm so proud that you are fed solely on milk that was tailored especially for you my sweet boy, I'm so proud you are exclusively breastfed. You are out of 90% of your newborn clothes and are currently wearing your "Up to one month". You weighed 9lb12oz last week, and are following the 25th centile perfectly, and the paediatricians and health visitors often comment on how strong you are for your perfect little size. 

This week your learnt a new skill, your first one, smiling, and we are often treated to the most beautiful smiles. You smile at us, at your Grandparents, at the sky and the trees and as Willow as she hurries last you while playing or curls up next to you. Your smile lights up our entire world, we've never seen anything quite so magical. 

Your brain will grow and change and evolve so rapidly now, and I'm so excited for all the things you'll do and all the ways you'll grow, but I'll always long again for those tiny little newborn days, when all you could do was curl up on our chests and snooze the day away. You are now alert and awake for long stretches of the day, often for 3 or 4 hours at a time and as a result have started to sleep for longer periods too. Tonight you slept for 4 solid hours! Our days of feeding for an hour followed by sleeping for 45 minutes seem to be over, for now. But as exhausting as those days are with a newborn are I'd do anything to go back and do it all over again, it has been one of the most special experiences of my life.

This week Mommy had to return to work and we have all had to begin to adjust to a new way of functioning. We had been together as a family of 3 for five solid weeks and it was magical. Every single second was spent together, so I felt like a part of me was missing when she was gone, and I'm sure you felt it too. You cried a lot that first day, only calming when you were back in her arms. And there you stayed all evening. But we'll get used to it, my beautiful boy, we have so much to do - baby massage, baby sensory and music classes, walks in the park with Willow, days out with family, we already have so much planned and I can't wait. And those times you have with Mommy will just become that bit more special, you'll sleep on her chest like you always have, snuggling in to her with your head right under her chin like you do, and feeling calm and safe in her arms. She will be missing you, every second of the day that she's away, but she loves you to the ends of the earth, don't ever forget that. 

In your tiny little life so far we've had such wonderful memory making days - you've been with us on lunch dates and shopping trips, visited family far and wide, including your Great Grandparents in Devon, celebrated your Mummies 3rd wedding anniversary at the Botanical Gardens, and had many wonderful days where the three of us have simply been at home, in our wonderful home, together. Your favourite things are to be held close, in our arms or in the sling, as we do the chores around the house, walk with Willow or watch TV. You know the sound of our voices and will turn to our direction if you hear one of us. If we sing to you we get a huge beautiful grin in return. You love skin to skin, and you live the warmth of the water of the bath or the shower. You hate, however, when we get you out, or change your clothes, it's the only time you really scream and let us know how unhappy you are!

The past six weeks have been a roller coaster, a whirlwind of emotion and a blur. I can't remember you being two weeks old, four weeks old etc but I vowed to treasure every single second we have with you, to remember how lucky we are, to remind you how loved you are. And I do, I stare at you for hours on end, I must've told you a million times how beautiful you are, and we've spent hours with you asleep on us, just enjoying every tiny thing about you. You will never grasp the magnitude of change that hit us when you entered our world, but it has been more incredible than I ever dreamt it could possibly be. We love being your Mummies, but more than anything in the entire world we love you, Oskar. 

Farewell newborn days, you have been some of the most incredible, beautiful, exhausting but magical days of our life, we are so lucky.

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful post for Oskar to read back when he's old enough!



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