Monday, 8 August 2016

Why our baby is in a cardboard box!

As a parent, sleep is pretty much the holy grail. Pre-baby, knowing parents would smugly warn us how tired we'd be. They were right! Newborn babies wake every couple of hours, so you never get more than that in one go.
They say that when your baby sleeps, you should sleep, so the key it seems, is getting your baby to sleep! 
Oskar currently has four 'beds'. He has a Mothercare cot, a PoddlePod, a Sleepyhead, and a Bed Nest, probably costing around £650 altogether. And his favourite bed of all? His newest, fifth bed.
A cardboard box.

The Baby Box Company follows a tradition from Finland. For 75 years the Finnish government have given a box to expectant mothers that serves as a 'baby starter kit'. Containing items such as clothing, blankets, and newborn essentials, the box itself, which is lined with a mattress, is then used as the babys bed. 
Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, and it is believed the baby boxes have contributed to this. The boxes are seen as a tradition of motherhood, uniting generations of women and contributing towards Finlands ranking as one of the best countries in the world for mothers to live.

The Baby Box Company is the first company to offer traditional baby boxes to customers outside of Finland. 
They come in beautiful prints with patterns such as owls, foxes, or our beautiful hedgehog one! (Oskar seems to have a acquired a lot of hedgehog featuring clothing, so we were thrilled with this!).

The boxes are extremely strong and sturdy, and much larger than we expected - the boxes can be used up until baby is eight months old. They have a matching lid so that when your baby has outgrown the box, it can be used as a pretty storage box. 

You can buy the box on its own, but the filled boxes have such beautiful items - we loved how they were rolled and tied with string, as it gave the box a very traditional, personal touch. 

The box is quite deep, and comes complete with a good quality mattress.

The mattress has a waterproof cover, and a fitted 100% cotton sheet - we found this much easier that the flat sheets we wrap around the mattress for our Bed Nest! 

The items inside a 'Classic' box include vests, a hat, mitts, socks, a thermometer, a burp cloth, a wash cloth, a bib, a sleep sack, a gift card, and membership to The Baby Box University. The Baby Box University is an online resource created by the Baby Box Company to help new parents learn about pregnancy and parenting. It focuses on maternal health and early child development, from antenatal women to early toddlerhood.

We loved the items included - they all seemed eco friendly, traditional, and excellent quality. 

One of our favourite items was the Halo sleep sack. Described as a 'wearable blanket', it's super soft, lightweight, and features a reversible zip, so you don't have to remove the baby from it to change them (after witnessing Oskar cry after being disturbed and unswaddled to be changed, this is definitely a great idea!) 

We also really loved the wash cloth and burp cloth as they are so, so soft! 

The socks and mitts are adorably tiny, and probably won't fit Oskar for long (the vest however is 0-3 months, so will be grown into!), but are very good quality, and are essential newborn items. 

And how cute does Oskar look in the hat with its little ears?! We love it, and it's useful that it's very lightweight, as the warm weather has meant Oskar has outgrown a lot of his thicker hats before he can wear them. 

The Baby Box company very kindly included some extra items for us - some eco friendly nappies and wipes, and this gorgeous, soft hooded towel. As Oskar has a tendency to pee on his bath towels after his bath, we can never have too many, and we loved the little crocodile design! 

But the big question - does the box work as a bed? We have to say, it's a resounding 'yes' from Oskar! 

We aren't sure what it is about the box, maybe the deep sides promote a sensation of safety, but he seems extremely calm and peaceful when placed in the box. Even when he wakes up, or if he is awake when we put him down, he is happy and content. He seems extremely entertained by the hedgehog print, and loves touching the sides of the box with his hands and feet, prompting lots of excited coos and giggles!

The box also gave us Oskar's longest ever sleep - over 5 hours! (Which is approximately two weeks in new parent time!)

We love coming across eco friendly or innovative products for Oskar and this ticked both boxes. The Baby Box is a brilliant concept that is entirely stemmed from simple tradition, and combines two factors that parents love - its cute, and it works! Thank you to The Baby Box company for our beautiful box, and introducing us to such a lovely concept.
The Baby Box is available here, with the bed only packages starting at approx £53/$70, and filled boxes starting at approx £75/$100. They also sell lots of the beautiful items in the boxes seperately.

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  1. This was a really lovely read for a Finn like myself :)! It's so cool that the box idea has been adopted by others, too. Here I would say that the vast majority of babies have the maternity package box as their first bed :). Oskar really looks happy in his! xx


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