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Yoomi - the self warming bottle

Yep, you read correctly, a bottle that warms itself!
We aren't the kind of the blog to review anything and everything regardless of whether it relates to us, but we have a huge interest in anything eco friendly, or innovative. As a parent you are exposed to SO many products, so if something is a bit unique we always want to know more - especially if if makes life as a mum a bit easier!  We were definitely excited when we were asked by Yoomi, to tell other new parents and parents to be, what we thought of their new product - a self warming bottle!
It sounds like a novel idea, yet also something that leads you to wonder how it didn't exist before.

What is it?

The Yoomi bottle was created by a couple who were tired of stumbling around heating bottles in the middle of the night, or asking waiters for hot water when out and about. And so the Yoomi bottle was born - a bottle that warms expressed breast milk or formula, to perfect breast milk temperature in 60 seconds. The Yoomi bottles themselves are BPA free, and have a soft breast-like, anti colic teat that creates a comforting feeding experience ideal for bottle, breast, or combination fed babies.
Yoomi bottles are quick, hygienic, safe, portable, comforting for baby, and reduce colic - you couldn't ask for more!

How it works

The feeding system contains a bottle, teat, pod, and warmer (the bottle is available in either 5oz or 8oz sizes).

Firstly, the warmer needs to be charged. This can be done by popping it in the pod, then in the microwave for 60-80 seconds or boiling the warmer for 30 minutes. The warmer can also be sterilised by boiling, microwaving, or in an electric steriliser. 

Once the warmer is charged, you simply pop it upside down in the bottle, replace the teat, and click the red button on the side. After 30 seconds you then turn the bottle upside down, and after another 30 seconds the milk flows through the little channels in the heated warmer, heating the milk to perfect breast milk temperature. 

Milk is only heated as it flows through the warmer at the top, so is more hygienic than a warmed bottle which then gradually cools again. 

What did we think?

As we don't have a microwave, we used the boiling method to charge the warmer. This was the only thing we didn't like about the travel system, as we found having to boil the pod for 30mins, then cool it in cold water for 20mins (or at room temperature for 45) before every use was a little inconvenient. However, once you get used to remembering to do this, the charge lasts until the warmer is activated, so it it ready for the next time you want to use it.

Popping the warmer in the bottle, and then clicking to activate was really easy, and having milk the right temperature in 60 seconds was great. It meant that during the night when Oskar was really letting us know how hungry he was, the system was simple to use, and the milk was ready quickly.

Oskar is fed exclusively on breastmilk, but for convenience we have also given him bottles of expressed breastmilk since birth, both so that Sarah can feed him too at times, and also so that he never loses the skill of bottle feeding for when the time comes for Lauren to return to work.  If the breast milk has been in the fridge, or defrosted from the freezer,  Oskar will refuse to drink it if it is too cold, making a disgusted face to clearly convey his opinion!

We usually boil the kettle and immerse the bottle of expressed milk in it. This can be fiddly and time consuming, especially with a hungry baby, and its hard to ensure the milk is warm enough but not too hot - so we found the Yoomi really convenient for this purpose, particularly as it gives peace of mind that the milk is the right temperature.

The bottle is available in 5oz or 8oz sizes - we found the 8oz to be huge, so much bigger than we currently need for our six week old who will currently take 2-3oz per feed, but it would ideal for older babies. It was a little awkward to use and transport, so we think we will purchase the smaller bottle, especially as we really liked the teat of the bottle. 

As Oskar is breastfed he can be picky about which bottles he will have, and if the teat isn't breast-lile enough for him he will push it round his mouth before using his tongue to push it right out again! We only use ones that mimic breastfeeding (Medela Calma and Mam anti colic are his favourites, Avent Natural was a non starter!).

The Yoomi teat was ideal for multiple reasons - it's quite big, meaning baby can almost 'latch on' to it in a similar way to latching on to the breast. It's also very soft - you can easily squash the 'nipple' part down with your finger, and the soft rubber texture of the teat, especially combined with the warmth, feels a lot more similar to breastfeeding than a cold, hard, shiny plastic teat. 

We did find the flow of the teat quite fast, especially for a bottle that is designed for breastfed babies - who are used to working quite hard to get their milk! But apparently Yoomi now produce different flow teats, and the flow meant that Oskar gulped less air, so the bottle is great for reducing colic - it has 6 air vents, whereas most bottles on the market only have 1-3.

All in all, we think the Yoomi bottle is an ingenious idea. Although at first we were unsure about how much we would use it as Oskar is mainly breastfed, but on the occasions he was hungry and we needed to warm a refrigerated bottle of milk, it was a life saver. Also, a maybe even more important factor for us than the speed and convenience, was the fact that we didn't have to worry about whether we had heated the milk too much/not enough, like we did with immersing the bottle in boiling water.
We also really liked the bottle and teat - its probably replicates breastfeeding the most out of all the bottles we have tried, not just for size, shape, and texture, but for the added unique bonus of the gentle warmth. 

We imagine formula feeders would probably find the Yoomi bottle the most useful, but we definitely recommend it to breastfeeding or combi feeding moms too. 

Where can I get one?!

The Yoomi feeding system retails for around £23 and is available from Yoomi's website, as well as  baby retailers such as Argos and Toys R Us. They also have great packs available, and individual items. The charger can be used 150 times before it needs to be replaced. A replacement warmer is £15 (£16.50 with a pod).

We are offering a discount code to our readers that gets you 15% off anything from Yoomi's website (except sale items).
Just use code BEINGAMUMMY at the checkout at 


  1. Another interesting product to keep an eye out for in the future.

    Also Oskars milk sleepy face is just adorable.


  2. It's funny the Avent Natural was the one our midwife most recommended for feeding the odd bottle expressed BM. It's so overwhelming, the different products available, and different opinions people (babies!) have on them.

    We keep reminding ourselves; Mothercare is literally 5 minutes from our house, we can panic buy after the baby is here and we know a little more, rather than before!


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