Sunday, 28 August 2016

A new era

We aimed to post this before Oskar was born, but as he was three weeks early, we kind of ran out of post time! But it seems maybe even more relevant now he is here.

A few weeks before his arrival, we had the task of changing and redecorating a couple of rooms in our house. Beforehand, we had a 'dressing room', which came about as obviously before having children we didn't have much use for extra bedrooms. We put a dressing table in there, and it became the room we got ready in, and a big girly product storage room! It was very pink, very girly, and the kind of room you can only really get away with in your twenties! But we loved it.

When it came to redecorating in preparation for our baby, we decided to focus on what the room was used for. Although we mainly used it for getting ready, we also used it for drying clothes when we didn't want to use the tumble dryer, ironing, reading, and a very occasional spare bedroom (most of our family/friends live nearby). It would also need to be used if Lauren needed to feed Oskar but didn't want to wake me if I had work the next morning. We also wanted something that represented our style a bit more!

So we set about decluttering and emptying the room, and then we painted the entire room white, and put up a light fabric blind - the room felt so big and bright! We kept the pink and grey rose chandelier as we didn't want the room to be too stark, so thought touches of pink and grey (also our favourite colours and our wedding colours!) would soften it.
We also had the grey print of our first baby scan that I gave Lauren for her 30th, taking pride of place on the wall. 

We bought a small grey sofa bed, that we have used so much more than we thought we would! Although guests have used it for a bed a couple of times, we use the sofa to watch Netflix, read, and regularly to feed Oskar. 

The room isn't really finished at the moment, but will have some pink and grey cushions at some point!

We still needed a dressing area of sorts, so bought a small dressing table that has built in storage and a mirror,  and chair, and kept our full length mirror.

We hate clutter, so have just got the mirror Lauren bought me on our wedding day, and a silver ring/earring box engraved with our engagement date/place, and some hair straighteners as it saves time in the morning! 

For another touch of pink, we have a gorgeous print of our beloved Brighton, that Lauren got for her 30th. 

We also have a lot more storage! 

We are really pleased with how the room turned out, although it isn't quite finished, it has turned out to be such a functional, well used  room as well as being really pretty - we love how the white room makes the beautiful views stand out. 

The second room was a spare bedroom, which was decorated in white with rainbow colours, and housed a large single bed and chest of drawers. 
This room wasn't used often, and it definitely became a bit of a storage room for things we never used. And we needed a nursery! As our boy's arrival got closer, it became a dumping ground for baby things too! 

One weekend we gave ourselves the task of clearing out this room. We thought it would be time consuming, tiring, dusty...what we hadn't planned on it being was so emotional! 

Memories of the last 11.5 years of our relationship were unearthed - keepsakes from our first holidays, cards from birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, anniversaries, notes from when we lived apart, champagne corks - even a painting we did together about nine years ago, and the bear I got Lauren as one of her 21st birthday presents.

After lots of laughs, lots of 'remember this?!' and lots of emotional tears, the room was cleared out. It really did feel like the end of an era, and back then, before our baby arrived, we didn't know just how much having a baby takes your old life and replaces it with a much different one!

And now of course, the room is our little ones nursery. We went with a grey and white colour scheme (no surprises there!) with a theme of stars and clouds. 

His cot won't be used for a while as we will be using our Bed Nest/co sleeping until around 6 months at least.

We always wanted a rocking chair in the nursery - Lauren often sits and breastfeeds him in there, but it's also a nice place to sit and soothe our boy to sleep. We added a blanket and cushion to make it extra comfy. We also got black out curtains, we love the star print on them.

The cushion has elephants, which are also on his banner, cot bedding and as a stuffed animal in his cot, so this ended up being an extra theme too!

We love his changing table- we got a plain white one from Mamas & Papas and added our own cloud print baskets and star print changing mat. We have a basket for cloth nappy inserts, one for clean cloth wipes, and one for oils/lotions/nappy cream etc.

His favourite view at the moment is a close call between us and his cloud mobile! The shrieks and giggles that come out of him when he is lying on his changing table looking up at his clouds are so adorable.  But when he's a bit older, he has a lovely view from his window too. 

And just like that, our house was baby ready. As we sorted out, reorganised and decluttered, it felt like we were clearing out the old to make way for the new. 
The full nights sleep have been replaced with 3hourly feeds and a baby either next to our bed or in it. Shopping trips involve feed stops and nappy changes, and pretty much everything revolves around this new tiny person. It's as though their arrival reconditions your brain to think only of them for now, and everything you did as part of normal life pre baby, has to be reconsidered to include them. Sounds exhausting? It is. But it's also the most magical thing to experience - we can't imagine there being a time when this tiny person wasn't in our world. In time, we will get back our full nights sleep, time just us when he is at nursery/school, and a few date nights too. But time flies by so fast with a newborn, and we want to treasure every single moment of him being so new. 
Tiny boy, you have changed not only our home, but also our world -  and made it even more beautiful. 

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