Friday, 16 September 2016

Fifteen weeks!

Oskar is now 15 weeks old! 

It sounds so many, but I honestly couldn't tell you where the time has gone at all. That's the thing with having a baby, it's like someone comes along with a time machine and speeds up your life. One minute you are holding a tiny scrunched up newborn and the next you have this kid laughing at you and pulling your hair! 

So, 15 weeks, or three and a half months old, if you will. It is far to say that Oskar is now firmly in the baby camp, with our newborn days long behind us. He weighs 14lb, is 60cm long, wears 0-3 size clothing and seems to learn a new skill every other day! 

Firstly, he learnt to smile and "talk". He is a very chilled out and happy little boy and  smiles pretty much all day long. Then one day these wide mouthed beautiful smiles turned into giggles. Sarah was talking to him and as usual he was smiling back at her, and all of a sudden an enormous giggle erupted out of him. Since then we get full on giggles a lot of the day. He giggles at us, at his toys, at Willow, and at the trees when we are out for a walk. It's adorable. We are now also treated to a full on baby conversation many times a day too - when you are talking to him he will squeal and coo back at the same time, so loudly that he really can't hear what you are saying cos of all the noise coming out of him! Sarah always tells him he is going to be a right little chatterbox. Cue more giggles. 

Physically Oskar is really beginning to learn what he can do with his body. Firstly, he found his hands. He uses them to pull hair, grip toys and grasp on to clothing whilst feeding or to go to sleep. He also likes to chew on them and cover himself in drool, nice one kid. Then he started to get better at tummy time, lifting his head up for longer and longer periods. And then all of a sudden he began to roll! He currently goes from his back to his front, and then looks a bit surprised at how he's ended up on his tummy! 

He is far more interested in the world around him, and will happily sit and stare at things around him, he loves being outdoors and staring at trees, the sky and the birds. He is definitely starting to show his own little personality, and with it his likes and dislikes. He loves the bath, he loves fairy lights and black and white toys. He loves being held and rocked, being worn in his sling and he loves you singing nursery rhymes to him. He absolutely hates getting out of the bath, getting dressed and having his nappy changed! He dislikes being in one place too long and he's not too keen on the car for any length of time. His absolute favourite thing in the world, apart from milk and boobs, is his mummy Sarah. He absolutely adores her, has his best smiles and giggles for her, and is happiest when she is with him. But a choice between mummy or milk...that'd be a hard one.

And that brings us on to the final two things that all parents like to discuss, feeding and sleeping! Well let's just say he's quite good at both! We have been very child led with any kind of routine, and we let him feed and sleep on demand. For Oskar this means sleeping roughly 10pm-8am with around two or three feeds in the night, although he does like to throw in a night here and there when he sleeps all the way through. I am now able to feed him lying down in bed, which is great as I don't have to get up. He starts wriggling and sucking his hands and I latch him on and once he's finished we all fall back to sleep. We mainly co-sleep, which is lovely for all of us and means we all sleep a lot better, but he does sometimes start the night in his bednest, until his first wake up which is usually around 3am. Throughout the day he will feed on demand, but roughly around every two hours, sometimes longer and sometimes more frequently. He sleeps on us, in our arms or in his sling, and will absolutely not be put down. That's ok though, when he's bigger and not needing us to cuddle him while he sleeps in sure we will long for these days once more. 

Being his mummies is challenging, exhausting and magical. It brings us more happiness than we ever thought possible, and more love than we ever thought there could be. Summer evenings spent walking with our son in his sling, sat in the garden with our son asleep on our chests, or just simply doing nothing, just being together, enjoying every precious moment. This summer has been up there with the best, but now that the nights are cooler and the trees are starting to shed their leaves, we really look forward to sharing our favourite season with our tiny bundle of giggles, Autumn is on it's way!

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  1. 💙💙💙 he's developing so fast.... reading this makes my heart melt. Can't wIt to have all these things happen with my baby... one day!!!


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