Sunday, 16 October 2016

Carry your memories with you

We have always placed great importance on preserving memories, and throughout our twelve years have collected many keepsakes. 
Confetti from pride parades, concert/cinema/theatre/plane tickets, letters and cards, champagne corks, and scrapbooks of early photographs, among many other things that tell the story of our lives together so far. We often look back through our memory boxes and photo albums and remember very happy times spent together and with family and friends, and love that in the future we can share these with Oskar too.

So we were very intrigued when we were contacted by a lovely lady who runs a company called Carry My Heart keepsakes, a small independent company who allow you to hold your memories in a rather more different way. 
Laura chatted to us about herself and what she does, explaining that she is a DNA Keepsake artist. She specialises in preserving ashes, locks of hair, material, flowers and breast milk to create unique jewellery. 

She explained "I once read that grief is like the ocean, coming in waves, sometimes calm and sometimes overwhelming. Learning to swim is how my heart became obssessed with making keepsakes.  It was my way of coping, my float, my arm bands, my way of giving back to others the piece of my heart that I lost. Perspective and loss gave my heart extra compassion, empathy and love for my family and the beautiful world surrounding us. 
 It would be my absolute honour to create a keepsake for you, using elements you hold close to your heart.Each piece is made in my home from home studio and cross my heart your precious elements will always be treated with love, care and respect."

However, Laura contacted us with information on a particular item that we had not heard of before - beads or 'pearls' made of breast milk, to commemorate the unique, sometimes difficult journey, and the beautiful bond created, from breastfeeding. She offered to make Lauren a breast milk bead, which we were delighted by. In order for the bead to be made, we were instructed to send some of Lauren's milk in 3 sealed pouches. 

We were so impressed with the finished product. It is simple, classic, and absolutely beautiful.

 Although it will always remind Lauren of a journey that will leave her forever proud of her strength, determination, and comitment, to anyone else it simply looks like an item of pretty jewellery. Any woman's breastfeeding journey is extremely personal, and this is, in our opinion, a beautiful way of preserving the memory.

Laura also kindly offered to make an item for me too, and after looking through the array of beautiful keepsakes on offer, decided on a floral keepsake bead.
When we began our IVF treatment, we planted a rose bush in our garden. Over the summer our son was born, it bloomed beautifully, which we thought was incredibly symbolic.

So I chose to send off some petals from this rose bush as a permanent reminder of the blossoming of our son's life, through the often difficult and overwhelming IVF journey, right through to his incredible birth. I loved that such a magical time could be symbolised in a beautiful piece of jewellery that I can keep forever. To add a little more magic, I also chose to include some of the petals we saved from our wedding bouquets.

We are so impressed with the finished items - to the observer they just look like pretty, understated, classic, but unusual jewellery items, whereas the wearer, no matter which of Laura's products have been chosen, they hold beautiful and precious memories. 

We would highly recommend taking a look at Laura's beautiful items: 

Carry My Heart Keepsakes can be found at 

We want to thank Laura for introducing us to her wonderful business, and to thank her for our beautiful items, we will treasure them forever.

(First and last photographs in this posts were kindly supplied by Laura)
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