Friday, 30 December 2016

Merry Christmas Baby

This Christmas was very special to us - it was our son's first, our first as a family, and something we have dreamt of for a long time.

We discovered you can't anticipate how magical and emotional your child's first Christmas will be, and that even if, like us, you buy your child three presents and tell family presents aren't necessary as your baby is too young, they will ignore your request and buy anyway! 
We started a lot of traditions, many Oskar is too young for, but they made our first Christmas as parents really memorable, will be something to continue, and will be even more enjoyable when Oskar is older.
 So this is how our first Christmas as three went...

Christmas Eve

 I don't think we've been so excited for Christmas Eve since we were children! Oskar seemed to pick up on our excitement too, and we spent the start of the morning reading him Christmas stories in bed. (With homemade gingerbread and lattes for us!) 

Far too excited to stay in, we ventured out for brunch. We had such a lovely morning, with avocado on toast all round, and coffees for mummies! We also stopped off at Sarah's parents, so that they could see Oskar open his presents from them. Peoples reaction to Oskar's happy, giggly, fun loving personality makes us so proud, and this was definitely the case this time! Having family nearby to share in the magic of having a little one is so lovely.

We were excited to return home and start Christmas Eve as our little family of three. We had our usual indoor picnic which was delicious, and hot mulled wine, then it was time for more presents for Oskar!
Although he is too young for a Christmas Eve box, we like the idea of them, so had got together a few items for a Christmas Eve gift bag. Although most of the items won't be appreciated until he is older, we thought it would be nice to start the tradition of him having them now, on his first Christmas. We had included in the bag; a Christmas themed sleepsuit, some story books, a cuddly penguin, and a 'santas magic key'. 
One of Sarah's friends had also gave Oskar a 'to be opened on Christmas Eve' present, of a beautiful 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' book, with Oskar's name incorporated on every page. 

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning we were treated to a rare gift - Oskar slept in until 10.30am! As excited as we were for our son's first Christmas morning, it was so lovely to have a couple of hours as wife and wife, before being mum and mum! Lauren baked some amazing cranberry and orange muffins, which we had with coffee together whilst opening cards. We had some really beautiful ones, and the 'mum' ones were of course the most special. 

At 10.30 we heard Oskar stir, so, we got a moment we have been so excited for for a long time - we got to go in to see our baby and tell them Father Christmas has been! 
Following a tradition Lauren's parents did when her and her brother were children, we had left a sack of presents at the end of Oskar's cot. These were just little stocking fillers we had gotten to put in the sack - a wooden car, two wooden musical instruments, and some textured rubber balls, but opening them with Oskar was so much fun!

Then, even more fun, we got to take our boy downstairs and show him Santa had been! 

We were a little surprised just how many presents Oskar got, not just from family and friends, but even ex colleagues we haven't seen for ages! One of our favourite presents in fact was from an ex colleague and lovely friend of Lauren's, who got Oskar a book called The Boy Who Lost His Name. The book is very personalised, and features a child finding letters of their name through an adventure, until their name is completed at the end. He also got lots of books (which we had suggested if people asked what to buy) toys, and so many adorable clothes! 
We had requested that people didn't buy presents for Oskar, as he is too young to remember/appreciate them, but we understand people wanted to give a gift for his first Christmas, which we were touched, and extremely thankful fo

Oskar's Great Granny also sent us a really beautiful gift for Oskar - an adorable knitted jumper, with a note explaining it was a replica of the one she knitted Lauren's dad for his first Christmas.

We decided to only get Oskar three gifts that were things that would last a while, and be memorable as his first Christmas presents. 
We got Oskar a selection of Julia Donaldson books (we love The Gruffalo, Room On The Broom, and Tyrannosaurus Drip, about a vegetarian dinosaur!) and two toys from our favourite shop for little ones, BabiPur. We were amused to see Prince George's Christmas presents also came from the same store! For Oskar we chose the soft building blocks, and a wooden rainbow stacker, which are both beautiful, and will grow with Oskar, aswell as being lovely presents to remember giving him for his first Christmas. 

After much present opening, it was time for Oskar's nap, so we got to have a bit of mummy and mummy time! We had a glass of Buck's Fizz and opened presents from each other, and family and friends. We were very spoiled, amongst all our presents I got a new rose gold iPhone, some beautiful books I will mention in another post, Victoria's Secret goodies and some gorgeous eco friendly make up brushes, and Lauren a new Nexus phone, some grey tweed Supergas, a Green Parent magazine subscription, a dress to wear on Boxing Day and some notebooks to plan adventures in! 

Just after Oskar woke up from his nap, Lauren's parents and brother arrived, with more presents! 

They say 'the best mess in a house is the mess made on Christmas morning' and this is definitely true! It was just magical to look around at a room full of wrapping paper and presents and family and love - and just look at that boys happy face!

Oskar was truly spoilt by his Omi and Grandad who bought him, amongst lovely other things, an absolutely gorgeous Steiff rocking horse from Harrods. 

Although he is obviously too little to play with it just yet, it is a beautiful present for us to remember getting for his first Christmas, and something we will pass on to future children aswell. 

We usually go for a walk on Christmas Day before cooking dinner, but this year we hadn't factored in how much of your time a baby would take up! The fact that he had so many presents, combined with feeds/changes meant we didn't finish unwrapping his presents until 4.30pm! This was actually quite nice, as our day was full of opening presents rather than it being over in an hour! But after our guests had left to us to enjoy our Christmas as a three, we cooked an amazing Christmas dinner (with a mini version for Oskar), and Kir Royales (definitely no version for Oskar!).

Boxing Day

We are always excited for Boxing Day as Lauren's parents always have a party at their house. This year the house has been extended, so there was more room, and even better - more food! We had the best Boxing Day ever, and it was lovely to have Oskar there,  and his ten month old cousin Arla, for the first time. 
 And how sweet is Oskar in his little shirt?!

We can truly say we had the best Christmas ever. It really was so full of magic celebrating our child's first Christmas, and although we are a little sad it's all over, it did make us excited for Christmas' in years to come when Oskar is increasingly excited for Father Christmas' arrival. Until then, we are truly grateful for the memories we have from this Christmas - we will treasure them forever! 

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