Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Not forgetting the fur baby! Pawsome Box review

Our dog Willow has always been very much our fur baby - she has been with us everywhere, from on the London Underground to the tops of Welsh mountains to Brighton beach. She has treats on her birthday and an advent calendar at Christmas! 

But when you have a human baby, despite us previously being people who couldn't imagine loving a human baby as much as our fur one (!!) the attention that you can give them (and your family, friends and self...!) unavoidably decreases. 
So we have made sure if one of us is sat holding Oskar, the other one has Willow, she accompanies us on walks with him, and we try and make time for playtime whenever we can.

So when we were contacted by Pawsome Box to test out one of their dog subscription boxes, we thought it was an ideal way to give Willow a little 'congrats on being a big sister' treat! 

Subscription boxes are huge at the moment, with the craze originally starting with beauty items and snacks, they are now branching out into other avenues - we already subscribe to a vegan box. And who doesn't love receiving post?! 

Pawsome box however, is as the name suggests, entirely for your dog! 

The company behind the Pawsome Box describes it as

"Recently developed by a team of passionate pet lovers, the Pawsomebox and Purrfectbox are a monthly arrangement of 5 to 6 specially selected goodies for your faithful companion. This new concept will enable you to receive an arrangement of constantly renewed goodies from the top brands. Pet food, toys, animal care products and accessories, from £14.90, free of shipping costs."

We received our box a couple of days before Christmas, so it was perfect timing to give to our pup on Christmas morning! 

On opening the box, they have definitely thought of the recipients humans too - the items were folded in cute paw print tissue paper, with a little booklet 'Paw Notes', containing information about the products, and recipes of treats you can make for your pooch! We thought this was a nice touch. 

But what about the goodies?!

Willows box contained: 

A squeaky santa soft toy
chicken and rice treats
Plouf dog shampoo 
A squeaky penguin toy
Beef and apple treats
Christmas themed poop bags!

Which always come in handy! 
We hadn't heard of the Plouf shampoo before, and for a while have just washed Willow in baby shampoo as it is gentle. So we were intrigued to try this out! Plouf have a range of shampoos, this one was the Universal (all fur types) shampoo, which is paraben free, gently cleanses and contains grape extract to add brightness and shine. We have to say, Willow isn't the biggest fan of baths (tip for dogs who agree - we found putting a towel in the bath for them to stand on, which stops them sliding around, helps!) but we loved this shampoo! It smells amazing, and the scent subtlety lingered on Willows fur afterwards. Her coat had a beautiful shine, and the product seemed very gentle. 

The next two products are Willow's favourite - food! The box included two bags of treats - Premio rice chicken balls, and Iams beef and apple snacks. Both were really great quality and Willow loved both of them. 

And finally, another popular one with Willow - toys! The box contained two, both Christmas themed which was great, one soft and one hard plastic. Willow always goes for the soft toy type toys first, but despite being a very small dog, they don't last long! This one did however last longer than normal, and we are happy to report the penguin is still going strong! 

Ears up, tail a blur - it's a winner!

We were really impressed with the Pawsome box - it really has been well thought out. From the great packaging, to the fact the items are tailored to information you provide about your dog, to the variety of items - we really liked that the box contained equal parts food, toys and grooming. The products were all very different from each other, but were all fantastic quality; there were no cheap filler items whatsoever. 
The box is also fantastic value - anyone who's had a shopping trip around large pet stores knows how much toys, treats and grooming items can add up to, and to many of us our pets are members of the family who we want to spoil, but despite the products in each Pawsome box being worth around £30 - the box costs around half of that. 

And if you're more of a cat person, there is also a version for cats, The Purrfect Box! 

We have a discount code to get our readers £5 off either a Pawsome Box, or a Purrfect Box - just go to their website at pawsomebox.co.uk or purrfectbox.co.uk and enter the code ukb1qvky.

Thank you to Pawsome Box for allowing us to treat Willow, and introducing us to some great new products!

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