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Our 2016 went like this...

What a rollercoaster 2016 has been!
 Our lives are hugely different now than they were in 2016, and they have definitely been changes for the better. Writing this post was strange as we had forgotten a lot of what happened in 2016 (having a baby tends to overshadow everything else!) and we also can't believe that it was only a matter of months ago that Lauren was still pregnant, and our little boy hadn't arrived yet! 

Here is our recap of 2016:


2016 bought us a lot of 'best day evers', and New Years Day was one of them! We went to the cinema, complete with our own sofa and waiter service, then out for dinner afterwards. We knew our baby's arrival would mean less date nights, so really tried to fit lots in before his arrival! It felt really special, and was our favourite New Year's Day ever. 

We found out our bump was a boy!  We were surprised by this news as pretty much everyone apart from Lauren's brother and one of Sarah's friends were adamant we were having a girl! However, we had always wanted a boy, and had picked his name out about nine years ago, so were over the moon with the news. 

Another little milestone - Lauren felt our boy kick for the first time on  the 24th January!


We love Valentine's Day, despite the commercialism it's nice to celebrate a day all about love! So we made an effort to enjoy our last one before we became 3. Presents, sweets, flowers, cards, and a romantic walk - hopefully we still manage this with an 8 month old in tow next February! 


March signalled the third trimester of Lauren's pregnancy - it's actually really strange to think that this was only nine months ago, it seems like our boy has always been here, and really strange to think he was once in Lauren's tummy!  It really is crazy how something so small literally changes you, your whole life, your whole world.


April bought Lauren's 30th birthday! We celebrated with a huge family meal, staying in a boutique hotel, a few days away staying in the hotel room with the best view in Brighton, a spa day, some gorgeous meals out, wandering the beach and Laines, a trip to a national trust beach, seeing Breakfast At Tiffany's at the theatre and  afternoon tea at Claridges - pretty good going to say she was 28 weeks pregnant!!


Unfortunately during May Lauren started to feel quite unwell, and a precautionary trip to hospital resulted in a diagnosis of pre eclampsia (a condition which can be fatal, and is only cured by delivering the baby). For a while it looked like they were considering delivering our boy there and then, but luckily, after a two week stay in hospital, lauren was allowed home. 
Treating pre eclampsia involves balancing not letting the mum
get too unwell, with getting the baby to as high a gestation as possible, so we were booked for induction of labour at 37weeks. (1st June, three weeks earlier than our baby's June 22nd due date)
Lauren used aromatherapy, meditation and yoga throughout her pregnancy, but these last few weeks were definitely full of peace - we had a date for our baby's arrival, all we had to do was enjoy the last few weeks of her pregnancy! We went for lots of meals out, had long coffee dates at Starbucks, and on the night before we went into hospital, had one last date night, going for a meal then seeing Alice Through the Looking Glass at the cinema. 

Finally in our last few days of pregnancy, we had a baby shower! It was fairly last minute, but such an amazing day. Our house and garden was full of family and friends, the sun shone, everything was Tiffany themed, and we had so much food. Such a wonderful last weekend as two. 


June, probably the most eventful month of our lives, was when our little man made his appearance! Oskar Thomas Jon made his beautiful, peaceful arrival into the world at 16.28pm on 4th June. 


Exactly a month after the birth of our son, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 4th of July. We had a wonderful day walking around the Botanical Gardens with our little boy in his pram - he even wore a vest with our first dance song on it!


August bought quite a few firsts for Oskar - his first swimming class, his first trip to the park, and his first giggles!


September 25th marked twelve years of us being together.
We are really proud of us as a couple - we went through the difficult journey of IVF and a rollercoaster pregnancy, and wow, having a baby is hard! But we did it by having nothing but love and support for each other. 
We used to get annoyed by people telling us how different our lives would be with a baby, how we would experience new levels of tiredness..but it turns out they weren't exaggerating, quite the opposite!! You can't put into words how much it changes your life. But having a baby has been, apart from each other, the best thing to ever happen to us. We have created, grown, and parented this beautiful boy as a strong, happy team. He is quite simply, magical, and I'd like to think that's because he was created with so much love. 


October 2nd was Sarah's 32nd birthday, and we went out to a gorgeous cocktail bar in the evening. Which was even more momentous as it was our first baby free date! It was strange but wonderful to put on makeup and jewellery, and head out for a couple of hours while our four month old had a nice night in with his grandparents! 

Who goes to the beach in England in October? We did! A sunny day prompted us to take Oskar to feel the sand between his toes. His new found sense of adventure also took us on his first trip to London. 

October also bought our favourite season - Autumn! We had so much fun this autumn, going on so many beautiful leaf walks, blackberry picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, and celebrating Halloween with more Halloween themed baby clothes than we thought possible! 


November entailed a couple more milestones, with Oskar sitting up by himself, and us beginning baby led weaning - his first food was pumpkin! 

Lauren will also continue breastfeeding for the foreseeable. Her original goal was 6-12 months, but we have realised you can't really plan when you will stop! I am so proud of how amazingly Lauren has done with breastfeeding - to say Oskar was early, born by section, on antibiotics, hospitalised for prolonged jaundice, and had a tongue tie, she never wavered in her determination to breastfeed. She has breastfed in coffee shops, restaurants, shops, parks, in the cinema, on the beach and sat on a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch! 


Oskar was six months old on the 4th December, which seemed like such a milestone. We can't believe he is half a year old already - he sits, rolls, laughs, feeds himself, babbles, and has a tooth peeking through! 
Decemberalso bought our festive Christmas time as a family, which we won't go on about too much as we wrote about them here and here! But needless to say they were magical, and none more so, than Oskar's first Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. 

So there we have it, starting the year as two and finishing as three! Our favourite memories were New Year's Day, Lauren's 30th, our baby shower, our 3rd wedding anniversary, and of course the best one of all, Oskar's birth. 

We can't wait to see what 2017 brings! 

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