Friday, 16 December 2016

The Weaning Diaries: How we began.

I didn't expect it to start like that. Truth be told I wasn't ready. But he was, so it began. Weaning, that is. Yep, we have started weaning. 

A couple of weeks ago I was busy preparing a feast for thanksgiving. It's not celebrated by us Brits in the true meaning of the holiday, but then again we don't celebrate Christmas in the true meaning of that either. But for the past couple of years Sarah and I have used Thanksgiving as a good reason to cook our favourite American dishes and celebrate all we are grateful for. As I was making the pumpkin pie I said to Sarah that I couldn't wait for Oskar to be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us, and she suggested we give him a spoon with some of the pumpkin purée on and see what he did. 

We had suspected his readiness to wean for a couple of weeks - he can sit unaided, has a great grasp, brilliant hand-eye-mouth coordination and has been trying really hard to get food off our plates. The only thing left was the tongue thrust reflex, but I guess you don't know if that's gone until the baby begins to put food in to their mouth. So, we put him in to his high chair, put some purée on a spoon and put the spoon in front of him. He took it, brought it to his mouth and ate the purée happily, before crying for some more.
As we sat down to eat our amazing feast we offered him some more - a slice of corn bread, some sprouts, some steamed sweet potato and a bit of green bean casserole. He did an amazing job of trying, chewing and swallowing quite a few of the different foods he had in front of him. So just like that, our weaning journey began. And as we shared our first ever meal as a family, we discussed how thankful we are to have such a beautiful, clever and inquisitive little boy in our lives. We are living moments that we have dreamt of for years and years, and they are more special than we ever imagined.

Since then we have been offering Oskar little meals every day. We aren't quite up to 3 meals a day yet (where does anyone find the time to give 3 meals a day and breastfeed on demand and maintain some kind of life?!?), but we have been offering a late breakfast and an evening meal as we eat. So far our tiny boy has tried a variety of fruits including banana, pear, apple, watermelon and mango, an array of vegetables, snacks of crumpets, avocado on toast, humous and breadsticks, yoghurt, porridge, and meals including Thai curry with sticky rice, lasagne, butternut squash risotto, a roast dinner and an English breakfast! We have literally given him what he have eaten, and either offered pre-loaded spoons or put the food in front of him and let him dig in. It's amazing how creative babies can be about getting the food in to their mouths! 

We already have no doubt that baby led weaning was the right route for us and our son. He is really enjoying experimenting and playing with the foods we offer, and we are very much enjoying sharing our meal times with our gorgeous boy. Food is very important to us and we hope we can pass on our love of cooking, baking and eating foods to Oskar by showing him good food right from the beginning. He certainly seems happy!

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