Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Sunday night feeling

Most people experience it...the dreaded 'Sunday evening feeling'.

You know the one, where after a weekend of seeing your partner, child/ren, family, friends, of days out or long brunches, lazy lie ins and takeaways on the sofa, there is suddenly the knowledge that it's soon coming to an end! 

Most evenings we like to wind down by having a cup of tea and lighting our candles, but as I do that this evening, I started thinking about the 'Sunday night feeling.'

In the spirit of my new journals encouraging gratefulness, I realised - Sunday evenings, or the days ahead that follow them, aren't so bad.

I may not LOVE my job, but it's in a field I'm interested in and want to remain in for the foreseeable future, I have brilliant workmates (with people, including my boss, I class as good friends,) in fact some days I actually enjoy my working day! And more than that, I was reminded by a blog post about working mums today, a job is something to be grateful for - it pays for us to live in our nice house, it pays all our bills, for the car we drive. It sets a good example to my son. It gives me a purpose, interaction, challenges. 

Likewise, my wife gets up Monday mornings to a new week of raising our son. She plans to find a part time job in the near future, so this time of being with our boy all day every day is not infinite. But we are so lucky to have her. She is the best wife and mother ever. She makes sure our house is clean, and that we have healthy, delicious meals, whether that's the three of us sitting down at the table to dinner in the evening, or making me lunches for work everyday that make my colleagues envious! She takes care of us. Our son is 7 months old and has never watched television, because Lauren spends the whole day taking him to various groups and classes, reading to him, and playing with him. But just like my job brings me perks, her day does too - she is lucky that she spends all day with our boy, that she has the odd peaceful moment to herself when he naps. And when she has a job, that will bring benefits too - because as amazing as being a stay at home mum is, mums are also humans! Her future job will bring variety, talking to adults, and more money for us. 

No one is perfect, and is always thrilled/grateful about another week at uni/work/home with a baby all the time, but it means your week ahead involves studies that will ensure you realise your dreams one day, a job that feeds and houses your family, or time with your little ones. 

Be proud of yourself, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

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