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Our favourite baby led weaning recipes!

I often see posts on Instagram or Facebook asking for new, nutritious recipe ideas for during the weaning phase. Lots of "but what do I give to the baby?" and "can I have some breakfast ideas please" etc. Probably the thing I love most about baby led weaning is that Oskar can literally eat what we eat. I mean of course there are times we are sat watching TV and he's in bed and we crack open the oreos but every meal I eat, he eats too. But to share some of the ideas that we have, here are a small collection of ideas that Oskar has really loved.


Oskar wakes anywhere between 8-9am, and immediately wants a good, long breastfeed. He must be hungry, after all, he only wakes approximately 6 times a night for milk!! So I tend to wait about 90 minutes following this milk feed before offering breakfast. His favourite things are:
* Toast. With a variety of toppings. His favourite ones are avocado, or almond and coconut butter. He also enjoys mashed banana, fruit spread, and cheese on toast.

*Pancakes. I usually make the two ingredient ones - mashed banana, 1 egg, fry in coconut oil. But they are also super easy to make with leftover cooked porridge, and sometimes I just make a simple crepe batter.
*Fruit roll ups. So easy, like filled French toast. You roll a slice of bread to thin it, fill with fruit puree, roll, coat in egg and fry gently in coconut oil. So yummy!
* Fruit and natural yoghurt. We only give plain, full fat natural or Greek yoghurt, with any variety or fresh, stewed or defrosted frozen fruits, and it is always a hit with our tiny boy.

The only thing he will absolutely not eat is porridge, or cereal including weetabix etc. Even made with expressed breast milk. So we have to be a little more creative!


We eat lunch together anytime between 1-2pm depending on nap times etc. My favourite kind of lunch for us both is a kind of picnic platter, which consists of whatever we have in the house that day. So anything from crackers and cheese, bagels, veg sticks, houmous, falafel, olives, fruit, quorn mini sausages, a bit of quiche etc. It's an easy way to offer a bit variety of foods in an easy way, and we both just eat as much or as little as we fancy. Other easy lunches include:
* Leftovers. Probably the easiest meal on the planet! I literally just warm up a bit of whatever we all are the night before.
* Soup and bread. He loves chunky soup with pieces he can fish out with his fingers, and chunky bread to dip in and soak up all the moisture.

* Pin wheels. Easy. Ready made puff pastry, filled, sliced and baked.
*Lentil and cheese wegdes. One from the baby led weaning cookbook. So tasty!
*Veggie bakes / patties / fritters etc.
One of my concerns with baby led weaning was making sure we were able to offer enough different vegetables so that he got the flavour and texture right from the start. As well as offering veggie sticks along side main meals, these have been an invaluable way of getting goodness in to Oskar while he is learning how to feed himself. There are lots of options available online, on Pinterest etc, Oskar's favourites have been spinach muffins and carrot and butternut squash bakes!


We sit down together to eat when Sarah is home from work, usually around 7pm. Oskar eats a smaller portion of whatever we are having, but often with a few more sticks of soft veg on the side for taste and texture. He has had a whole range of different foods, I love to cook and so cook from scratch every night. We like flavours, different cuisines and a lot of different meals each week, but there are a few that we regularly eat as we all really enjoy them.
*Satay tofu, noodles and veg. Oskar loves tofu! He takes after his Mommy in this respect. The satay sauce is a mix of olive oil, soy sauce, peanut butter and chilli, served with noodles and steamed veggies.

*Homemade pizza. The base is equal parts natural yoghurt and flour. Topped with tomato puree or homemade tomato and veg sauce, lots of veg like mushrooms, peppers, sweet corn etc, and cheese. This is so simple and so delicious!
*Curry, daal and rice. We love Indian food in this house! Most weekends we make a curry with paneer or quorn chicken and serve it with rice and Chapatti or naan. But lentil and spinach daal and homemade bread is often a meal during the week too.
*Lasagne. So messy but we all love it! We literally just put it on the tray of the highchair and Oskar helps himself.
*Risotto. Our favourites are butternut squash and courgette and aubergine. If you save leftovers then the sticky rice can be made it to balls, covered in breadcrumbs and baked the next day for another easy lunch!
Hopefully as time goes on and we find more meals we all enjoy I will post a few more posts on this. Feel free to share with us any of your favourites, we love trying new things!

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