Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day the Mum way!

In our last post, we mentioned that our first Valentine's Day as parents was coming up, and that we still wanted to try and celebrate it as much as possible. This is how our first Valentines Day as parents went!

Although I was at work, the day still started off full of love! Lauren had left out a  breakfast for me to take to work of heart shaped pancakes, berries, and a tiny bottle of maple syrup. So cute, especially as Oskar had the same breakfast!

Although I had a fun day at work laughing at people's excitement (or disgust!) for Valentine's Day, I couldn't wait to meet my wife after work with a bunch of roses.

I had asked Lauren to meet me after work for coffee, which we often do, but this time was a bit special. The coffee shop I took her to had previously been empty for years, and used to be a Starbucks - the Starbucks we shared our first date at almost 13 years ago! It was very surreal to enjoy coffee and cake there as married 30 something's with our son, not 18 and 19 year olds on a first date. Conveniently the coffee shop is now vegan, so we had cake and coffee, and Oskar enjoyed making many friends by catching the eyes of fellow customers! 

Oskar even had a Valentine's themed outfit!

We spent the rest of the evening opening cards and presents, and having a gorgeous meal cooked by Lauren (with heart shaped picnic for Oskar!) Sarah had three beautiful rings from The White Company, and Lauren had a gorgeous wooden heart necklace from one of our favourite companies, Grimms - which is baby friendly, as Oskar puts everything in his mouth! 

 I didn't expect our first Valentine's as parents, with an 8 month old in tow, to be so full of romance, but I think it was our favourite one so far!

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  1. Lovely Valentine's Day. Love Oskar's little outfit. X


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