Wednesday, 12 April 2017

1sts - Mother's Day & Lauren's birthday as a mum!

The past few weeks bought a couple of firsts in mummyhood for us - our first Mother's Day, and Lauren's first birthday as a mummy! Milestones seem to have a new feeling to them when you are parents, so we are really enjoying ths year of 'firsts'.

Mothers Day

We spent the first part of our Mothers Day weekend introducing Oskar to paint. We helped him to make a canvas for us, and painted hearts for both our mums, using baby friendly paint from Babipur. A very messy success! It certainly kept all three of us entertained, and we got some lovely keepsakes too! 

We were happy to see numerous businesses remembering that some people have two mums, with Sainsbury's, Clintons and Card Factory all stocking Mother's Day cards for two mum families. Oskar also made cards with Lauren at his baby group, who ensured they got to make two cards, one for each of us.
We opened cards from each other on Mother's Day morning, and our mums arranged a card and flowers from Oskar too!
We were interested to see how other two mum families celebrate Mothers Day, and saw a few choosing to have a day of the weekend each, so that they both got to be pampered! This is an option we may do when Oskar is a bit older, although it was fun celebrating together.

We spent the rest of the day visiting Sarah's family for lunch and a walk in Sutton Park, and Lauren's family for a walk around Lichfield and then dinner. It was strange but lovely to be spending time with our own mums, whilst now being mums ourselves! 

Lauren's 31st birthday

On 1st April it was Lauren's 31st birthday! Despite it being Lauren's first birthday as a mum, I still wanted to make sure she felt special! So she came downstairs to some presents from Joules, The White Company and a few of her other favourite brands. I also set up our celebration ring with a '31'! 

We then headed out for breakfast to the city centre branch of one of our favourite local cafes, and then drove over to see Lauren's family for tea and cake. 

The next day was a Sunday, which we decided would be a second birthday if you will, and also a day where we celebrated as just the three of us. 

The weather was beautiful, so we drove to a nearby garden, and had a beautiful wander around, stopping to sit amongst hundreds of daffodils, spotting fairy sculptures and wandering past giant dandelions and toadstools - our kind of place! 

Finally, after a day of walking in the sunshine, we stopped off for lunch of veggies, hummus, bread, and more importantly, non alcoholic cocktails! (Oskar just stuck to the crudités!)

The whole weekend was peaceful, beautiful and full of love, just like any good weekend is with the 3 of us. Of course the whole weekend was made extra special with the addition of the little present she has dreamt of for years, our gorgeous little boy.

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  1. Another lovely post of your beautiful family!

    I would love to know where you purchased the heart canvas? Been looking for one for a while!


  2. Ah thank you Natalie, that's so kind!
    We got the little plain white heart canvas from The Works, but you could also try HobbyCraft :)


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