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Real Nappy Week - cloth nappies explained!

We love using cloth nappies for many reasons. They are good for the planet - saving hundreds of disposables going into landfill, they are better for our baby -comfier, more natural, and less chance of rashes, they are cheaper in the long run, and they look adorable!

We are really happy that so many people have contacted us online regarding trying cloth nappies, as even if you don't use them full time, every time you do, you stop a nappy going into landfill! But whilst the reasons we use them is clear, we understand that where to start can be a bit mind boggling!

We have already published a post here explaining how cloth nappies work and answering your questions, but something that deserved a post of it's own was the different types of cloth nappy available. What with all in ones, all in twos, two parters, wraps, covers, inserts, liners, and pockets...where do you start, and what does that all mean?!
Basically, although they are sometimes called different things, we would say the types of nappies available can be split into three types

"All In Ones"

All in ones are probably the easiest cloth nappies to use, and are the most similar to disposables as they are 'all in one' and need no effort, just put on as you would a disposable. You can also get hybrid all in ones, such as the below pictured one from Close that have different parts but popper together to make a complete nappy. Totsbots Easyfit, Tickle Tots, Bumgenius, Close pop in and GroVia are all fab.


Pocket nappies have just that - a large pocket in which you can place an insert, or some have their own insert which you simply fold inside.
They are extremely simple to use, easy to change, quick to dry, and you can customise the absorbency.
They are offered by a multitude of great brands, including Milovia, Bumgenius, Tickle Tots and Wonderoos.

"Two parts" or "covers/wraps & inserts"

You also have the option of nappies that are 'buildable' - fabric nappies that have an additional waterproof nappy 'shell' over the top or that that you fill with your own fabric liners or inserts, which add absorbency.

Some great brands to have a look at are Milovia, Close pop in (with liners), Totsbots Peenut wrap (with pad liner or over a Bamboozle nappy),Planetwise and Tickle tots all in two.

With that (hopefully) made a little clearer, as we have tried what seems like millions of different types and brands, we thought we would share our favourites so far...

Best Night Time Nappy - Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch & Peenut wrap

We posted here about our transition to cloth at night, having tried what seems like every nappy in the planet. Bamboozles are super duper thirsty nappies, and the waterproof peenut wrap over the top keeps it all contained. Oskar has never once leaked through this combination, and trust us, as he still wakes up frequently to breastfeed throughout the night, it holds a lot of pee!

You can also use the Peenut Wrap with these Peenut pads

Best daytime nappy - Milovia

We vote Milovia best day time nappy both for their fit and absorbency. They are incredibly easy to put on, fit beautifully, and are mega absorbent and yet still slim enough to go under the vast majority of clothes without looking bulky. Milovia aren't a particularly well known nappy brand, but they really are brilliant, and are now the ones we reach for time and time again. If you are heading out for the day you can take a few clean inserts and re-use the wrap multiple times, meaning it doesn't take up a load of room in your changing bag, either. 

Best for beginners - Tots Bots EasyFit
This category could also be called "Best nappy to leave with Grandparents" and "Best Nappy to send to Nursery". Totsbots EasyFit are the nappy most people start with, and for good reason. They are easy to use, wash well, dry quickly, and are pretty fool proof. In our opinion they don't last as long on the bottom as other brands, but when you are just starting out with cloth, they are economical, easy to use and a really good place to start. 

Best all-rounder - Close Parent Pop In 

Day, night, baby, toddler, heavy wetter, super pooper, no matter what it is, Close Pop-In comes to the rescue. They have amazing double gusset designs which hold in any amount of wee, are easy to use, easy to dry, easy to change the level of absorbency, and come in the most beautiful of designs. Our absolute favourite all time print on a nappy has to be Babi Pur's exclusive elephant print as pictured below. What is not to love about the gorgeous yellow and red elephants with purple trim? We are also lucky enough to have got one of the limited edition rainbow elephants print to celebrate Babipurs 10th birthday, which you may have seen on our Instagrams!

To celebrate Real Nappy Week, we are excited to be working in partnership with our favourite eco friendly baby store Babipur to offer an exciting giveaway! We are giving away one of the above Close Parent Pop In nappies in the gorgeous elephant print that's exclusive to Babipur, to one of our lucky followers. Whether it wold be an introduction to cloth nappies, or a fab addition to your collection, we really rate this nappy.  
You can find details on our Twitter, Laurens Instagram, or Sarahs Instagram. Good luck! 

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