Saturday, 22 April 2017

Can you hygge in spring?!

Last autumn we wrote a post about the buzzword at the time, hygge. It was everywhere, we even spotted it in a kale salad in Whole Foods...!

It was a Danish concept all about embracing 'coziness' - which of course was wonderful for autumn and winter, with candles, blankets, hot drinks and staying in, all very hyggelig!
But what about now spring is here?

We were discussing recently how every changing season seems bring new things to embrace - and how this can have its own version of hygge.

When I was young, summer was my favourite season - it was hot (well, sometimes, this is England after all), it was holiday season, there was no school, people were relaxed etc. Then as I got older I quickly fell in love with autumn. The flavours, the cosiness, the beautiful falling leaves, Halloween. But now, we realise that every season brings its own beautiful individualities, so we are currently in love with spring! It's pretty, the weather is a little warmer, and, in the theme of 'spring cleaning' it gives a lovely fresh new start feeling.
And this has been the starting point for embracing spring for us. We put new decorations on our celebration ring, bought new fresh scented candles, and make sure we regularly buy fresh flowers.

The days are longer, lighter and warmer, which gives a great excuse to spend more time outside.
There is nothing quite able to put a smile on your face than to go for a walk and see the changing colours of the landscape signalling spring has arrived. We love going for long walks in the park with Oskar in his sling or pram, and have loved being able to point out to him the changing colours of the trees, and the spring flowers popping up all over the place. There seems something very hyggelig about seeing sunset at the park!

We also took part in Earth Hour at the beginning of spring - it was something we had a vague idea of but hadn't taken part in before. However, we saw more information about it this year, and always keen to take part in something that looks after our planet, we decided to take part. The idea is that the world turns its lights out, for one hour, to save energy. We decided to not use lights or any electricity for the hour, which fell on Saturday 25th March at 8.30pm GMT. So after dinner we lit candles, turned everything off, and sat and talked about our how our days has gone, and sang songs to Oskar. We actually had such an enjoyable time, that we plan to do it more, and have our own regular earth hours!

As the days get longer, the landscape gets brighter and the sun shines more, spring brings with it a sense of a new lease of life. There is optimism and happiness in the air about what the year will bring, about new adventures and new beginnings just waiting to start. Spring has given us both a new sense of wellness, that the darkness of winter has gone and had been replaced with a feeling of light, contentment and peace. We have started to talk more about the summer time, where we will go and what we might do. Of course this is the first summer we will have as a family of 3, and there is so much we want Oskar to see and do, to experience and enjoy as we do. Spring marks the beginning of all of that, and we are so excited!

So although the closest translation of hygge is 'cosiness', there is no actual translation. And as the Danes point out, it is an attitude to life that is meant to be felt, not described. The true meaning of hygge isn't a hot chocolate in front of the fire, but that feeling you get when you feel 'at home'. It's feelings of connection, community, well being, of sanctuary, closeness and belonging. 
So buy some flowers, get outside, enjoy the warmth and the light - happy spring!

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