Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter 2017 diary

As we mentioned in our last post, we are really enjoying this year of 'firsts' with our little one. This weekend, we had another, as it was our first family Easter - we were lucky on two counts, as Sarah had lots of time off work, and the sun was shining!

We have recently became National Trust members - something we had been meaning to do for a long time, but felt a newborn baby would have stopped us using the membership to its full potential. So we spent Easter Saturday using it for the first time, and had a day out at a nearby manor house and park. We saw deer, sheep and lambs, waterfalls and beautiful spring flowers!

As it was such a beautiful day we stopped for coffee -we had bought along our new purchase from Babipur, a Close Parent play mat. It's basically a multi purpose playmat that's soft on one side and waterproof on the other, and is great for Oskar playing on outside or indoors, and as a picnic blanket. It folds up really small so we are hoping that along with our new National Trust membership, it's something we will be using a lot on the coming warmer weather.

Easter Sunday was another lovely sunny day, which gave us another welcome chance to spend a lot of the day outdoors. We had set up our Grimms celebration ring just in case we had to bring spring indoors though! The wooden decorations are from Grimms and Grapat, all from Babipur, and we added wooden letters and glittery eggs from The Works. We love adapting our celebration ring and think it will be a lovely tradition for Oskar as he gets older.

Easter seems to have grown in popularity over the past few years, and although we aren't really sure on the concept of 'Easter presents;, as Oskar is obviously too young for a chocolate egg, we got him a few Easter themed toys to mark the occasion instead.

Oskar definitely goes through stages with play, and loves throwing and sorting at the moment, so the wooden Grimms eggs from Babipur were perfect, even if they did get launched across the garden a few times!

We saw a few 'my first Easter' tshirts in the shops, but they oddly all seemed to feature chocolate, even if the little baby sizes! So we went for this 'hatched by two chicks' one, which was still spring themed, and everyone loved!

We did however, make sure there was lots of chocolate for mummies though! 

We really enjoyed celebrating Easter this year - although we are not Christian, as we have written about previously, Easter has interesting, non Christian roots (as The Guardian also explains here.)
To us it symbolises fresh new beginnings, the world coming back to life, and enjoying spending time outdoors. Oh ok, and chocolate. Hope you had a wonderful Easter too! 

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