Monday, 15 May 2017

The holiday feeling at home

May is the month of bank holidays in the UK, and it seems that everyone is discussing how best to spend the long weekends (and what the weather will be!) But what if due to time or money, you aren't jetting away?

We were recently discussing with fellow mums how recreating things that we enjoy on holiday, and that are different from being at home, is instantly exciting for children. Also, it's actually good for everyone to realise that the little things that make holidays so wonderful can easily be replicated at home too!

So what makes a good staycation? We all agreed that the main aspect to embracing that holiday feeling is being outside. Especially if the sun is shining, but even if the weather isn't cooperating, when on holiday we all agreed that we spend very little time in the hotel room and a lot of time outside. Therefore, a walk around a local park or woods is ideal - there are often beautiful places not far from our doorsteps in England, so searching for your nearest National Trust spots can unearth hidden treasures! It's surprising that beautiful countryside is often not far away, even if you live in a city.

But there is also a lot to be said for just spending time in your own garden. We aren't the most green fingered of people, but adding a few flowers or garden decorations will mean it's your own little retreat. Being outside is literally a breath of fresh air, provides good exercise, and if you have good weather, and a few games (or even better, a cheap paddling pool) children will happily spend hours in the garden, while you relax and enjoy the view (or a book, or a coffee!)

Eating dinner outside is definitely a good way to get that holiday feeling! A picnic in the park with family and friends is always a good idea, but for being close by to everything you might need for little ones, you can't beat your own garden. Again, supermarkets, eBay and pound shops are definitely your friend here - a few lanterns, citronella candles to ward off bugs, solar lights and even a disposable BBQ will mean you'll want to stay out there relaxing with a drink long after the children have gone to bed!

So for the perfect staycation this bank holiday we urge you to plan to get outdoors altogether and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. A long walk in the woods, exploring in the garden or picnicking somewhere you've never been before. It'll mean that even on a budget, you have the very best bank holiday you can. Happy holidays!

We have been asked to work with Provident on their ‘don’t break the bank holiday’ campaign to advise families across the UK on bank holidays on a budget. You can read more tips here:

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