Thursday, 20 July 2017

TotsBots and Swim Tots!

We consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable when it comes to cloth nappies - we have put our 13 month old in 'cloth bums' since he was two weeks old, and have tried most types, finding out which ones work for us.

But when it comes to cloth swim nappies, we are not nearly as clued up! We haven't seen many different styles, and it seems much harder to find adorable prints in swim cloth nappies (as opposed to regular cloth nappies which have become somewhat of an addiction!). The first time Oskar went swimming was with his cousin, who's mummy kindly gave him disposable swim nappies, and after that we used the first swim cloth nappies we bought - which although were fine, we weren't keen on the drawstring waist, and the prints weren't amazing. 

So when one of our favourite cloth nappy brands TotsBots announced they were launching some new swim
nappies, we were very happy! 

We were lucky enough to have a trip to Brighton coinciding with the exciting arrival of our nappy, so tried it out on the beach!

First of all, this is the most adorable swim nappy print we've ever seen! We love whales and bright rainbow colours, so were in love with the 'Under The Sea' print before it was even on our boy!

Oskar seemed pretty happy with it too!

The first thing we loved about the Swim Tots Nappy was the Velcro fastening. We found it much easier to put on Oskar than the drawstring waist pants style that we had tried before, and easier to take off and change too. 

The Velcro fasteners made it much easier to get a perfect fit, which then seemed really comfortable for Oskar. 

The waist and legs are gently elasticated to catch number twos, and the nappy just seemed to feel much more secure and comfortable - more like a regular cloth nappy than other cloth swim nappies we've tried that didn't seem to have the best fit. 

The nappy is 100% breathable which was great during our beach trip as it was uncharacteristicly sunny and hot for England! It has a lovely soft microfibre interior, and is designed to be comfy and stretchy. 

We were thrilled with the Swim Tots nappy - it was easy to use, had the best fit of any Swim cloth nappy we've tried, was so comfortable for Oskar, kept him dry (although we were lucky enough to not be able to test out the number two effects!) and looked so gorgeous!

We will definitely be purchasing some of the other Swim Tots prints - even if we aren't graced with sunny weather, the Swim Tots Nappy is quite slim, so will be great under Oskar's little wetsuit for when we take him to a swimming pool.

As well as the beautiful Under The Sea print modelled by Oskar, there is another adorable new print 'Dig It'! 
Both Swim Tots are available in two sizes, so are suitable from tiny baby up to potty training, and are both £10.99 each.

We were supplied with a Swim Tots Nappy for the purpose of a review by the very wonderful TotsBots. 

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  1. I've read your blog for a super long time now and I've got to say, I cannot believe how big Oskar looks now!!

    My own little boy is 16 months and I am still trying to figure out when he transitioned from being my tiny baby to this wonderful little person. I am sure you will soon share those feelings surrounding your son, if you don't already!!

    1. Aww thank you Natalie! We definitely share those feelings - we met our five day old niece last week and are certain Oskar was never that tiny! It's hard to pinpoint the moment they stop looking like a baby and start looking like children!


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