Sunday, 20 August 2017

Review: TotsBots Kaleidoscope

It's true that once you begin using cloth nappies on your baby, it's very easy to get a bit addicted to buying them! There are of course many different types, but also so many beautiful prints.
We own around 40 cloth nappies, which is maybe a few more than we usually need, but we have seen whole bookshelves filled with more beautiful prints than a baby could ever use! 
Despite buying lots of beautiful prints maybe making the money saving aspect of using cloth nappies a little redundant (!) it's really nice that it makes one of the less fun sides of parenting a little nicer! 
So for this reason, we were very excited when TotsBots asked us to announce some new products of theirs, in one of their most beautiful prints. 

The Kaleidoscope is many cloth nappy fans favourite, and it's easy to see why. A gorgeous 'kaleidoscope' of colours, this is one stylish cloth bum!

So kaleidoscope fans will be excited to hear that TotsBots have launched two more products in the kaleidoscope print today!

Not only does it come in the original form of a gorgeous reusable nappy... also now comes in a gorgeous matching wet bag and changing mat!

Firstly, the nappy!

We love TotsBots nappies as they are just so easy to use. The kaleidoscope print is gorgeous - as you can see Oskar is a fan!

This one is the EasyFit, and as the name suggests, it is really easy to use. Just fold the insert in, add a liner or booster if needed, and pop on your little one exactly the same as a disposable.

Secondly, the Happy Mat! We have a Happy Mat in the super cute Bumberella print, and we use it constantly, so having a second one is great! One side is super soft bright orange fluffy, and the other is a waterproof printed side. We have used ours as a floor changing mat for when Oskar is too wriggly for the change table, a travel change mat, as a play mat both indoors and out, as a car seat/pram liner...they are so useful. The Kaleidoscope print is stunning on the mat as it's obviously on a much bigger scale than the nappy. 

The Happy Mats also roll up with a tie fastening, so don't take up too much room in your change bag. 

A bit in love with this print!

Finally, TotsBots now have a Kaleidoscope wet bag! 

We have a wet bag hanging on our changing table for used nappies, but they are also great for taking on trips, using for swimming kit, as laundry bags on holiday, and for storing CSP. We love finding pretty patterned wet bags even more than nappies, as they are on display much more often! This one is beautiful - a snap fasten loop, zip closure, and of course is completely waterproof, so no leaks or smells.

The TotsBots Kaleidoscope wet bag and Happy Mat come as a gift set for £22, which quite frankly is an absolute bargain. We couldn't think of a better new baby gift if you are looking for something as beautiful as it is useful, especially if you teamed it with a Teenyfit nappy in the same print! 

 The Kaleidoscope Happy Mat & Wet Bag set is released today at 10am!

TotsBots nappies already available in the beautiful kaleidoscope print are the Easyfit Star, the Teenyfit Star for newborns, and the Peenut wrap.

This post is sponsored by the lovely TotsBots. We are very picky about products we mention on our blog, and only review eco friendly products. Reviews are 100% honest. 

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