Sunday, 24 September 2017

Part 1 - 13 years:old meets new

On 25th September we celebrated our thirteenth anniversary of being together! We wanted to do something a bit different, especially as our usual anniversary dates of spa dates/drinks/dinner are a thing of the past now we have a little one! We wanted something that would celebrate our lives as a family, as well as remembering all the things that got us to where we are now. 
So we decided on a trip away! We booked a cottage in Northumberland, to explore a beautiful new place, and spend time together. We also factored in a couple of stop-offs that would be trips down memory lane! Here's the first little diary of how our week went:


We decided to split our long drive up to Northumberland with a night in Sheffield , as it was about half way, and was home to a vegan restaurant we'd wanted to try for ages!
I can honestly say my burger (mac n cheese, seitan patty, bacon, onion rings!) was the best burger ever! Not content with our calorie intake, we had to give the amazing Freakshakes a try too - they are a sight to behold!

After finishing our nice healthy dinner and walking off some of the carbs, we checked into an air bnb for the night. 


Monday was spent travelling up to cottage number two, in our holiday destination of Northumberland. Upon arrival, we spent a lovely afternoon relaxing and cooking together - so peaceful! 
On Tuesday we woke to beautiful sunshine, so decided to go to Seahouses, a large village within the Notthumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. And beautiful it was! We had an amazing walk along the cliffs and down onto the beach below. 

On our way home we drove past another beach - it was a tiny little cove down some steps, so we decided to return later on, with our play mat, Oskar's swimsuit, and reusable cups of tea! We were the only people there apart from a few dog walkers, and as Lauren especially loves the ocean, we had a lovely time sat watching the waves together. (Meanwhile Oskar had great fun sorting the pebbles and seaweed into piles!) 


On Wednesday we decided to relive one of our earliest memories, and take a day trip to Edinburgh, as it's only 45 minutes from Northumberland (and a beautiful journey).
We spent our first New Year's Eve together at a concert and fireworks in the Castle Gardens, when we had been together just 3 months. This was back in 2004 so a definite blast from the past! 
One of our first stops was for lunch (of course!) so we went to The Pakora Bar - a small restaurant serving amazing authentic Indian food, with lots of veggie and vegan options. The staff was so lovely, chatting to us about the Punjab food and culture, and commenting that Oskar was the best behaved (and tallest!) one year old they had ever seen! 
We had an amazing lunch of daal and Pakora, which definitely got us ready to explore the city. 

Edinburgh is such a beauty city, we spent hours just taking in the sights, and of course taking Oskar to the castle gardens! It was very surreal to wander through the same place we did many years ago, but such a wonderful feeling to return as a happily married couple, accompanied by our son. Our 18 and 20 year old selves would have thought it a dream come true (and also that as 31 and 32, we were ancient!) 

Our trip was only half way through, and already we had seen beautiful new places and relived old memories. There was something very serendipitous about being back in old places, with our son, almost like we had come full circle. We drove back to Northumberland along the coast feeling very nostalgic, and discussing how different life has become to the last time we were there, and yet so much of who we were then we still are now. Just with more love, less sleep and a few more bills to pay!

In the second part of our diary of our wonderful week away we will document the latter part of the week, our return home including revisited Leeds, where we spent the first four years of our relationship and many happy times together. 

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  1. Sounds like such an amazing getaway! How wonderful to come back to a place that has so much meaning, with your little guy in tow! I laughed when I read about being in your 30's. I turn 36 in October and I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I was 24 and newly dating my wife. Time flies!

    -Kristin (IG: DosMamas)


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