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The Wise House - how to be green and gorgeous!

We have previously written a couple of posts on eco friendly items that rather than feeling like a sacrifice or compromise, are actually better, more luxurious, and all round lovelier!
They included bright coloured stainless steel water bottles instead of flimsy plastic ones, rainbow bamboo toothbrushes instead of boring plastic ones, and gorgeous cloth sanitary pads which completely proved our previous opinion of them wrong, and were way more reliable and comfortable that horrible plasticky ones that end up in landfill. 

As we write a lot about products we use that are great for our child as well as the environment- cloth nappies, cloth wipes, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo plates, wooden toys, organic clothing and eco friendly toiletries, we thought we would write more on eco friendly items for mummies (or daddies, or non parents!)

Two things we have recently started looking into are how we can be more eco friendly when it comes to clothing, and skin care.
For our son we constantly spend more money than we mean to on beautiful organic clothing for him, but what about adult clothing? (Although some of Oskar's clothes are so beautiful we wish they fitted us!) And what are the benefits?

Cotton that is produced organically uses much less water, and doesn't use GMO's, meaning the cotton produced is much softer. Fair traded clothing also means that fair working conditions have been ensured for workers producing garments. Today's society very much promotes a throw away culture of cheap, low quality clothing, but learning about more eco friendly clothing has shown us that often, buying less but higher quality is much better. 

We were given an introduction into eco friendly clothing by a site we have previously purchased homeware from, The Wise House. They sell an amazing variety of gorgeous products that are all eco friendly - we never visit the site without seeing something we want!
They also offer nightwear and loungewear, which we are a big fan of! Loungewear, or to us 'house clothes' - comfy casual clothing that you would change into after getting home from work to relax in, but wouldn't leave the house in! Kind of in between daywear and pjs, if you will. 
My favourite item of loungewear is now my tshirt from The Wise House. It's organic, it's so comfortable, and best of all,  it feels a bit more luxurious and 'nicer' than the usual old Tshirts and leggings I wear around the house!

It's a long length so looks great with leggings, has little side splits, rolled sleeves and a v neck that's not too low. In short, it's a perfect tshirt in my opinion, and is ideal if you're looking for 'good quality basics'. 

Although it's loungewear, I would definitely wear this out of the house! The top also comes in a vest or long sleeve, in pale grey, dark grey or my lovely off white one. 

Picture from The Wise House

The Wise House have also published a blog post recently about ethical clothing range including a brand Lauren and I loved when we were younger, People Tree. It's definitely worth a read. We also love Fat Face, H&M conscious, and Sarah can squeeze into larger kids sizes of the organic Swedish brands we buy for Oskar! 

Skin care is also something I have looked into a lot more recently. It's surprisingly difficult to find skincare that's vegan, cruelty free or organic, never mind all three. 

I recently tried the Evolve Daily Renew Facial Cream from The Wise House and absolutely love it. My skin has always been quite problematic- dry, but getting oily throughout the day, so there are few moisturisers I get on well with
Evolves smells like coconut and vanilla, and contains organic oils as well as hyluronic acid - an amazing skin care ingredient as it holds 1000 times it's own weight in water, and increases collagen production.

I've used it morning and night, and love the way it makes my skin so soft, but sinks straight in without leaving my skin feeling greasy. It feels like I have soft skin, not like it's coated in product. At £24 it is pricier than high street options, but comparatively priced to my usual favourites (Drops of Light Day Cream from The Body Shop £22 and Celestial from Lush £15.95). I would 100% repurchase this, it’s one of the best moisturisers I’ve ever used. 
All of Evolve's skincare is vegan and cruelty free.

You can try a 30ml pot of Evolve in The Wise Houses build your own gift sets - my pick would be the Facial Cream, a candle and the copper heart make up bag, which would total £28.50.
There are many other build your own gift sets of gorgeous eco items - they're great present ideas, I think they'd be perfect for a mum to be! They also have lunch bags, reusable bottles and reusable food wraps that come as a set, which are lovely. 
Picture from The Wise House
Picture from The Wise House

The Wise House has definitely inspired us to learn more about eco friendly clothing and skin care, and its great to have a site with so many eco friendly solutions. It’s such a good feeling to enjoy treating yourself and knowing that you are doing good for the planet too! 

You can get 10% off skincare and the organic tops from The Wise House using code ORGOCT

The Wise House kindly gave me a tshirt and sample pot of moisturiser in return for my thoughts - a blog post was not required, I simply loved the company and wanted to share it with others! Any other products mentioned were purchased by ourselves. Pictures our own unless stated.

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